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End of year, end of Council presidency, thanks for a great two years

The Council Presidency is over for me, long live the Council Presidency for someone else. In addition to chairing the Council’s Monday morning informal Briefings meeting and the afternoon Full Council session, the Council President serves as the head of the Legislative Department (Council, City Clerk, Central Staff, Legislative Operations, Archives and Records). You represent […]

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2014 Budget Review Wrap Up

Thank you to everyone who shared thoughts about budget priorities this fall. At its best the City budget is a reflection of our priorities and, often, our compromises with each other as we determine how to spend a finite amount of money. Yesterday we took final votes on the City budget for 2014. When you […]

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Local young social justice activist has no need for spell check

When I meet with young people or have interns in the office I invariably tell them to keep honing their communications skills. Different fields need different specialized skills, but all fields need strong communicators. And, so, I’m pleased to spotlight up and coming strong communicator Savannah B, a junior at Rainier Beach High School.  Savannah […]

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Resolutions and Russia

Recently there have been articles about Russia’s new laws against gay “propaganda” being distributed to minors (you know, like propaganda about healthy relationships and safer sex), increasing hostility to LGBT people, and outright attacks on LGBT people. Some people have said it’s time for LGBT people to “flee Russia.” Next year’s Winter Olympics in the […]

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The intern experience at Council President Clark’s office.

I host high school level interns every summer. Today’s post is a guest blog from intern Dan Lamkin (left).  Dan is an incoming senior at Holliston High School in Holliston, MA. Also pictured is intern DeJaun Rose (right), an entering junior at Seattle’s Rainier Beach High School. If you are interested in interning or know […]

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It Takes a Mayor

This post is from City Council President Sally Clark, Councilmember Bruce Harrell, chair of the Council’s public safety committee, and Councilmember Tim Burgess. Last Monday morning’s shooting of a Metro bus driver reinforced for many a belief that downtown street crime and disorder is out of control. Contrary to what the Mayor and police commanders […]

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Dog blog

This is a fun one.  Every year Dog Fancy Magazine (you flip through it at the vet checking out the super cute dogs) holds a Dogtown USA Best Dog Town in America contest.  They ask readers of the magazine to send in nominations and editors select a winner based on the presence of dog-friendly activities, […]

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‘Spoke too soon

Last week I sent out an e-newsletter in which I profiled some great small business stories. These were stories of the City helping to solve small but significant problems experienced by small businesses in different parts of the city. One of these quick bits told of a café in the Othello neighborhood that was avoiding […]

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Good morning from the Paris Airshow.

Good morning from the Paris Airshow. The Trade Development Alliance/Seattle Chamber delegation spent the day here today checking out the displays and visiting vendors who do or should do business in Washington. Takeaways so far: Washington has a great pavilion, but we’re not alone here. Some 20 states are here looking to land business and […]

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High Point Commons Park all a-buzz

Seattle has a new parade to add to the calendar of summer events. Yesterday the residents and gardeners of High Point and greater West Seattle welcomed bees to the new Neighborhood Matching Fund-supported hive enclosure at the High Point Commons Park P-Patch, the new West Seattle Bee Garden! Though I was not in costume, I […]

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