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The Bee Garden. Thanks to Katie Myer at the West Seattle Blog.

Seattle has a new parade to add to the calendar of summer events. Yesterday the residents and gardeners of High Point and greater West Seattle welcomed bees to the new Neighborhood Matching Fund-supported hive enclosure at the High Point Commons Park P-Patch, the new West Seattle Bee Garden! Though I was not in costume, I was allowed to walk at the front of the parade followed by a swarm of kids, parents, the FC Sounders’ Sound Wave marching band, and the pickup truck transporting the four beautiful hand-crafted bee boxes (thanks to Shipwreck Honey), including one live hive.

Check out these short clips:



This was the first bee welcoming parade at High Point (and possibly in Seattle). The day started with face-painting and flower-making at West Seattle Elementary followed by the short but boisterous march down the hill and into the park. In the park people enjoyed music, checkout out food and craft vendors and generally swarmed around the new, plexi-glass enclosure waiting to see what would happen when the hive was opened. The trusty api-experts said the bees would be released later in the afternoon after settling down. They’d just bounced around a bit in a pick-up truck and ridden in the parade near the band. (Maybe they prefer classical?) They were likely angry for a while after being finally placed in the new hive enclosure.beechild


This is such a great community building project and a great addition for a P-Patch. Thanks, High Point!


There were a lot of great bee and ladybug costumes. This one, because of the hat with bees buzzing around it on this wires, was my favorite:


“The keeping of bees is like the direction of sunbeams.” Henry David Thoreau