The intern experience at Council President Clark’s office.

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I host high school level interns every summer. Today’s post is a guest blog from intern Dan Lamkin (left).  Dan is an incoming senior at Holliston High School in Holliston, MA. Also pictured is intern DeJaun Rose (right), an entering junior at Seattle’s Rainier Beach High School.

If you are interested in interning or know a high school student who might be interested, contact or call the office at 206-684-8802.

My name is Daniel Lamkin and I interned in Sally Clark’s office this week. I came all the way from Holliston, Massachusetts. This week I was in charge of answering phones and organizing e-mails. I also collected and organized the mail.

Sally also gave me a research project to do – she wanted to find out what it means to be a Right to Housing City.  I must say the project was rather interesting, even for a 17 year old boy like me. I also sat in on several meetings where I learned a lot about the processes of running a city like Seattle.

In the office I get to answer the phones which I do enjoy. It’s nice to interact with people on the other end of the line and help them. I must say I was surprised at how many e-mails Sally gets and how she keeps up with it all. There are so many things going on at once but she seems to know everything about all of them.

I’ve had a lot of fun while I was here – both in the office and enjoying the city in the evening. There is so much to do in Seattle – from eating a root beer float while battling dinosaurs at Full Tilt to looking down on the city from 600 feet in the air from the Space Needle.

The people here are all so welcoming and nice. The City looks like it is running very smoothly thanks to all the Council members.