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Momentum building for a housing strategy

One of my top priorities when I took over the Council’s housing committee this year has been to ignite development of a housing strategy for Seattle. We have master plans for pedestrian and bicycling improvements. We have a comprehensive growth strategy. We have neighborhood-level growth plans. We have a transit plan. We, also, have rising […]

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Why I love being on the Beacon Alliance of Neighbors email list

The Beacon Alliance of Neighbors list, like many neighborhood lists in the city, provides great information sharing opportunities about neighborhood clean-ups, crime news, new businesses in the area and more. They’re the modern equivalent of the photocopied newsletter on the porch or the bulletin board at the corner store. I learn a lot from these […]

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Why We Raised The Minimum Wage

I just wrote an article for CNN about why we raised our minimum wage in Seattle.  Take a look:   http://edition.cnn.com/2014/06/03/opinion/clark-seattle-wage/index.html

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Seattle is raising its minimum wage

Over the past several months of minimum wage debate I’ve been told to adopt $15 now “because the rent won’t wait.” I’ve been told raising the minimum wage will cost jobs. In meetings I’ve heard questions, positions, opinions, pleadings, demands and accusations. I’ve heard about what was compromised, what was horse-traded and what was a […]

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Small lot rules

We adopted new rules on small lot infill houses Monday, rules I believe will stop the terrible “grain silo” and “alley skyscraper” houses that popped up on previously unrecognized lots all over the city. More on these new rules in a moment, though. First, context setting. At a breakfast Monday someone asked me “what’s hot” […]

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Just say hello

A few years ago architect Rex Hohlbein arrived at his office on the ship canal in Fremont and saw a guy sleeping, a few possessions around him, on the grass by the canal wall edge. That proved to be the end of his architecture career. Rex built a friendship of sorts with the homeless man […]

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Council vote today means you can soon catch a legal ride with UberX, Lyft or Sidecar

Below are the notes I used in today’s Full Council vote on Seattle’s first rules expanding access to taxi ownership and defining operating rules for transportation network companies (TNCs) and their affiliated drivers. The Council, after debating several amendments, voted unanimously to put in place a framework for legal TNC operations in Seattle. My experience […]

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In the Northeastern University Blog – Rideshare Rundown

I wrote an article for Northeast University’s blog” ReConnect” talking about what’s happening in the world of taxi, for-hire, UberX, Lyft, Sidecar, and limousine regulations.  Here’s the link – let me know what you think. http://www.northeastern.edu/seattleblog/rideshare-rundown/  

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One Night Count 2014

Another One Night Count to end homelessness has come and gone.  Every year, more than 900 volunteers in the Seattle/King County area take to the streets the last Friday morning of January, 2 a.m.-5 a.m., to count those who are living without shelter on our streets. This year, I was assigned to walk under the […]

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Pics from the ceremonies

I had a pretty good seat for yesterday’s swearing-in ceremonies for the newly-elected and re-elected in Seattle city government. This was definitely the best attended and most “pomp and circumstance” of the inaugurations I’ve seen.   After Councilmember O’Brien was sworn in by his sons (Elliott and Wyatt), Councilmember Licata by his wife (Andrea Okomski), […]

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