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This is a fun one.  Every year Dog Fancy Magazine (you flip through it at the vet checking out the super cute dogs) holds a Dogtown USA Best Dog Town in America contest.  They ask readers of the magazine to send in nominations and editors select a winner based on the presence of dog-friendly activities, dog-friendly restaurants and businesses, dog parks, medical specialists, and pro-dog legislation.

We didn’t come in first this year – that honor went to Steamboat Springs, Colorado, a 12,000 person/3,000 dog town that looks like a great place to visit.  However, we did win the Regional Runner up for the NW Region of the U.S.  Our 154,000 Seattle dogs should get their ears scratched in celebration.

Sally and Bill.

Bill and I (that’s my dog in the photo, he’s a Hungarian Kuvasz) agree that Seattle is a great city for dogs. A few highlights  (also mentioned in the article):

  • Seattle has 14 off leash dog parks. One of the newest in Magnolia has a “chuck it” game zone and dog drinking fountain.
  • Seattle has more than 20 dog friendly hotels and many dog friendly coffee shops, bars, and even work places.
  • The Seattle Animal Shelter reports more than 86% of rescued or surrendered dogs find new homes.  Pretty good odds.
  • A little alumni pride here – the mascot at the University of Washington is a four year old Alaskan Malamute named Dubs. 


Thanks to all the dog-oriented businesses, their owners and employees who make Seattle a great dog town. Whether it’s training, a vet, special food, a bath and comb, we have a great array of businesses to meet every dog niche. Thanks, also, to the employers who make space for the dogs in their employees lives.

Now, to the Cat Fancy competition.