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Farmers Market Season Approaches

As chair of the City Council’s Committee on Economic Resiliency and Regional Relations I get to advocate for farmers markets across Seattle and the multiple benefits they bring – neighbor-to-neighbor social action in neighborhoods once a week, a sales outlet for farmers east and west of the mountains, opportunities for “value added” products like cheese, […]

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Thoughtful DUI Proposals

Wedgwood on a Monday afternoon on a sunny day in front of a middle school. That’s where a man who blew a .22 blood alcohol level drove his car into a grandmother, grandfather, mother, and a 10-day-old infant. The grandparents were killed. Mother and child remain in Harborview in serious condition. These details by themselves […]

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Blessing of the Fleet – happy and safe fishing

Every year at the start of the commercial fishing season Ballard First Lutheran Church holds a ceremonial Blessing of the Fleet at Fisherman’s Terminal. This is a great opportunity to recognize the hard, often dangerous work of commercial fishing and to thank the people on and off the boats for being a part of our […]

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My team found Kathryn Ann Blair during the One Night Count

I participated in the annual One Night Count of unsheltered people in King County in the early morning hours of Jan. 25. Hundreds of volunteers participate each year to count and witness. Each year I’ve done the Count I’ve been dispatched with other volunteers to city streets, green spaces, parks and under-passes. Never had my […]

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More important than I thought.

Note: This post contains graphic language. Apologies in advance. I spoke with an AP reporter last Friday about a subject from a few years ago working its way to completion – adapting state codes to use more gender neutral language. Former Councilmember Jan Drago and I came across the word “fireman” when looking at the […]

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Not all homes that float are floating homes. Or barges. Or boats.

Once in a while I come to think that a particular subject is the most complicated of the various issues that come before the Council. Land use is complicated, but it’s nothing compared to taxi regulations. And taxis are nothing compared to the towing industry. And just when you think there’s nothing more complicated than […]

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Can we keep our attention focused long enough?

My partner and I headed Downtown Sunday to march and rally for rational gun regulation. We joined with other councilmembers, the mayor, a few state legislators, at least one school board member, various clergy and a couple of thousand regular people who believe we are a better society than what we’ve seen on our televisions. […]

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Preventing Youth Violence

Allen Joplin. De’Che Morrison. Perry Henderson. Pierre LaPoint. Quincy Coleman. All of these young men were victims of gun violence in 2008.  Their lost contributions to our community are why in 2009 we – the previous Mayor and Council together with community partners — launched the Seattle Youth Violence Prevention Initiative. The program has been […]

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Seattle For Washington Goes to Tacoma

Pop quiz: Which Washington city is the City of Destiny? If you said Tacoma, you are correct. Tacoma was the destination for four of us last Friday as we dropped in for a quick chat on mutual priorities. The visit was part of the Council’s on-going Seattle For Washington effort to find more points of […]

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National Save for Retirement Week

This week is National Save for Retirement Week. If you’re like many people, thinking about retirement makes you a little anxious; like you’ve fallen way behind in class homework and the test is tomorrow. Worse, some of you reading this may be out of work with no income to carve up into “spend now” and […]

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