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My letter to the Mayor and the Human Services Department asking why they haven’t addressed the situation in Miller Playfield.

April 8, 2021 Dear Mayor Jenny Durkan and Seattle Human Services Department Interim Director Helen Howell, I am writing to ask what steps have been taken to make hotel rooms, tiny houses, and permanent supportive housing available to the community members currently sheltering in Miller Playfield, and to urge you to rapidly expand Seattle’s tiny […]

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Councilmember Sawant Calls on Mayor to Restore Moratorium on Ticketing and Towing Under 72-Hour Parking Rule

‘For those forced to live in their cars, your enforcement of the 72-hour rule can be catastrophic, costing them not only their vehicle, but also their only shelter and all their possessions. We need affordable, social housing – not harassment of neighbors struggling to survive’ Councilmember Kshama Sawant (District 3, Central Seattle), chair of the […]

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My Draft Legislation Prohibiting Evictions of Children, their Families, and Educators During the School Year

The Covid-19 pandemic has made the need to protect school children, their families and educators from the devastation of eviction, and the negative ripple effect throughout the entire community, all the more urgent. Below is a link to draft legislation “prohibiting evictions of children, their families, and educators during the school year” which I will […]

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We need a fighting movement to expand renters’ rights, stop corporate landlord discrimination and abuse

NEWS RELEASE March 23, 2021 ‘Renters’ movements will need to go up against powerful corporate landlords and the political establishment. Just this week, a Democrat-dominated State Legislature created serious loopholes in basic tenant rights bills.’ SEATTLE – Vowing to push back against the continued drive by corporate landlords and the political establishment to limit renters’ […]

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Congratulations to the Clay Apartment residents and LIHI!

We need at least a hundred buildings like the Clay, the Liberty Bank Building, and other community-controlled affordable housing. So as we celebrate this morning, I also urge the residents of the Clay and all community members to join with our movement to fight for an expansion of the Amazon tax, which we won last […]

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Congratulations to UFCW and Grocery Workers on Hazard Pay Ruling Victory! Solidarity with All Essential and Front line Workers!

Solidarity and congratulations to UFCW and grocery store workers who won a victory this week as a Federal Judge struck down the completely spurious lawsuit brought by massive grocery store chains against workers receiving hazard pay in the middle of a historic pandemic. Solidarity with all essential and front line workers, all of whom deserve […]

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Statement on the National Rise of Hate Crimes Against Asian Americans, and the Murder of 6 Asian-American Women in Atlanta

Socialist Alternative and I, like so many community members, are horrified by the murders of 8 people, including 6 Asian-American working-class women, in Atlanta last night. Condolences and solidarity to the grieving family members and friends. It is vital that we all stand with our Asian American neighbors against the spiking hate crimes happening across […]

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Sawant: Renters and working people cannot rely on Democratic Party Politicians, we only win when we fight back

‘Our movement’s sustained pressure forced Mayor Durkan to extend the eviction moratorium for renters and struggling small businesses. Similarly, we will have to fight hard to force the City Council to pass Right to Counsel without loopholes.’  Councilmember Kshama Sawant (District 3, Central Seattle), chair of the Council’s Sustainability and Renters Rights Committee, released the […]

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My letter to Miller Park community members regarding the Miller Park homeless encampment

Dear Miller Park residents and all community members,  Thank you for contacting my Council office about your concerns around Miller Park and Playfield, where many facing homelessness were pushed following the inhumane sweep of Cal Anderson Park earlier this year.  No one should have to live in despair, and it is truly distressing for all […]

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We Need Right to Counsel for Renters Facing Eviction : However Dems are Trying to Include These Sexist and Racist Loopholes

Loophole 1: Means Testing  Some Councilmembers at the committee repeatedly argued that perhaps tenants who face evictions should first have to prove their low-income status before they can access the legal aid. This is so-called “means testing.” These politicians want to suggest that means testing will promote accountability in those who get the benefits – […]

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