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Shhh! Don’t tell the billionaires and corporate developers: Our rent control movement has early momentum!

Take action below – join us at Northwest Folklife Festival in collecting petition signatures for rent control! Our rent control movement is about taking back our city from the billionaires and corporate developers, and fighting for a city that is affordable for all. Thank you to the dozens of activists who attended our meeting at […]

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Seattle Needs Rent Control Proposal Summary

Despite being the construction crane capital of the nation four years running, Seattle is reeling under an unprecedented affordable housing and homelessness crisis. Rents in Seattle have soared 69% since 2010, and 155% since 1998. With renters accounting for nearly half of Seattleites, the sky-high rents have meant thousands of working families have been pushed […]

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Take action to win a new Central District Post Office!

Congratulations to the more than 600 community members who’ve signed our petition to bring back the Central District US Post Office. And also congratulations to the 80+ people who attended Thursday night’s community meeting with US Postal Service officials – retirees, working people from our African-American, Asian and LGBTQ communities, postal workers union members, young […]

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Rent Control FAQ

April, 2019 The cost of renting a home is a crucial determinant of living standards for working people. With homeownership increasingly less affordable for working people, especially young people, half of Seattle is renting. Seattle is not alone, with every metropolitan region in the nation seeing a dramatic increase in the proportion of renting households. […]

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I stand with Seattle educators: We need democratic flexibility for local school levies

Some Democratic legislators in Olympia are trying to undermine collective bargaining, force teacher pay cuts, and siphon public money away from our unionized district schools and towards non-union charter schools. I stand with the Seattle Education Association and all educators. My letter to union members and allies: Monday, April 22, 2019 Dear Seattle Educators: As […]

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Petition: Seattle demands rent control and tenant protections now!

Seattle is in the throes of a stunning and unprecedented affordable housing and homelessness crisis. Skyrocketing rents are driving working-class households, seniors, students, and especially working families of color out of our city.

We need rent …

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Let’s take action to win back a new Central District Post Office!

Walk into any Post Office on a weekday lunch hour, or on a Saturday morning, and you’ll see a beehive of activity of working people, families of color, retirees, local small business owners. So many of us depend on the Post Office for connecting with family and friends. Worlds get connected as people eagerly receive […]

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I stand with Capitol Hill tenants facing extortionate rent hikes

Working people in Seattle are confronting an affordability crisis of unprecedented proportions – but renters, like the tenants at the Kenton Apartments on Capitol Hill, are fighting back. My Council office was proud to join them on March 21 as they launched their campaign against eye-popping rent hikes as high as 69 percent. Check out […]

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Petition: United with Central District Tenants Against Eviction & Displacement!


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Chateau Apartments tenant Renee Gordon: Time to put people before profits!

  I am honored to stand with the Chateau Apartment tenants, who are facing eviction from their Central District neighborhood by Cadence Real Estate, a big for-profit developer. Last Thursday, I held a press conference with the Chateau tenants, clergy, and other community supporters. Renee Gordon, one of the tenants, spoke up – her statement […]

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