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My speech for the 2022 Indigenous People’s Day celebration in Seattle

October 10, 2022 Solidarity with the Duwamish and all Coast Salish peoples of Seattle and the Pacific Northwest! Eight years ago, ordinary people organized with our socialist City Council office to win recognition of Indigenous People’s Day in Seattle. By passing this historic resolution, the City of Seattle rejected a celebration of Columbus Day, and […]

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Councilmember Sawant Stands with Weyerhaeuser Workers on Strike for a Strong Contract — Escalate the Fight for Affordable Healthcare, Inflation-Adjusted Wages, Retirement Benefits, and Paid Time Off!

Press Release — Thursday, September 29, 2022 “Workers must stand together on the basis that ‘an injury to one is an injury to all’ — a slogan that has been used in Pacific Northwest lumber strikes going back more than a century. The labor movement must do everything possible to stand with Weyerhaeuser workers and […]

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Councilmember Sawant Stands with Rail Workers Fighting for a Strong Contract with Paid Sick Days, Full Staffing, Affordable Healthcare, and Inflation-Adjusted Wages

“The railroad workers are fighting for all of us — for every worker who is forced to do without paid sick leave and is unable to take care of themselves or loved ones without being subject to cruel threats from their employers. That’s why it is crucial that the entire labor movement stand with railroad […]

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Councilmember Sawant Urges Solidarity with Seattle Public School Educators on Strike for Living Wages and Full Staffing for Special Education, Multilingual Classrooms

“If teachers are going to win their demands, they cannot put any faith in the school district or corporate politicians. They will need an all-out fight with solidarity from students, parents, socialists, and the wider labor movement…. I will donate $5,000 from my solidarity fund to the educators’ strike fund.” Councilmember Kshama Sawant (District 3, […]

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Letter From Tricia Schroeder, President of SEIU Local 925, to MightyKidz Bosses, Demanding Reinstatement of Ten Unjustly Fired Workers and Union Recognition

Friday, August 12, 2022 Greetings Kyla and Jeff Liboon: As President of SEIU Local 925, our state’s largest childcare union, I am appalled by your recent firing of a group of early learning teachers who approached you about their intentions to form a union.  The teachers at MightyKidz are actively engaged in organizing their union […]

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My Letter to Seattle-Area Elected Representatives on MightyKidz Struggle

Thursday August 11, 2022 Dear Seattle-area elected representatives, I am writing to urge you to publicly support the teachers at the MightyKidz Childcare Center in Magnolia. The teachers are fighting for a union, and for better wages and working conditions. They courageously went on strike earlier this week. Rather than address the teachers’ concerns, the […]

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My Letter to Seattle Labor Leaders on MightyKidz Struggle

Thursday August 11, 2022 Dear elected leaders in Seattle’s labor movement, I am writing to urge you to stand publicly in solidarity with the teachers at the MightyKidz Childcare Center in Magnolia. The teachers are fighting for a union, and for better wages and working conditions. They courageously went on strike earlier this week. Rather […]

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My letter to the bosses of MightyKidz childcare center, demanding immediate reinstatement of all teachers unjustly fired for union organizing!

August 10, 2022 To MightyKidz Director of Operations Kristin Brown and owners Kyla and Jeff Liboon: I am shocked and outraged to hear of your recent mass firing of at least 10 teachers at MightyKidz, in response to their efforts to unionize and improve conditions for themselves and the children they teach. These firings are […]

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Councilmember Sawant’s Statement While Voting ‘NO’ on Ending the $4/hour Grocery Worker Pandemic Hazard Pay

“As the BA.5 Covid variant surges, and as inflation stretches workers’ paychecks to the breaking point, Mayor Harrell, big business, and the City Council Democrats have shamefully cut grocery workers’ wages by $4/hour. Grocery workers and all frontline workers have made incredible sacrifices during the pandemic, and they deserve a raise, not a pay cut!” […]

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Sawant & Activists Celebrate Victory for Seattle Abortion Rights Sanctuary Legislation

“If this legislation passes in Seattle alone, it will have a vital impact on protecting many women and LGBTQ people. However, if winning it here can help it spread to other cities and states, the impact could be truly profound. If half the states in the nation refuse to extradite people under investigation for breaking […]

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