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Seattle Councilmembers vote ‘no’ on land use exception, eye comprehensive opportunities to address affordable housing

The Seattle City Council voted no on Council Bill 120750 during Full Council today. This vote is consistent with the Land Use Committee vote on April 17. “A more effective approach to attaining citywide neighborhood affordability is to make the benefit of development capacity generally available to all and to do so through the draft Comprehensive Plan under consideration. For...

Seattle City Councilmember Tanya Woo after being appointed to the Council.

Tanya Woo appointed to fill vacancy on Seattle City Council

The Seattle City Council voted today to appoint Tanya Woo to fill the vacant position on the Council. “I am so grateful, honored, and very humbled. I pledge to serve everyone in the city. I especially want to thank all of those amazing people who I’ve been friends with before we were chosen to be in the top eight,” said...

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