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Join us Sept. 18 for the Rent Control Now! Rally to demand strong rent control without corporate loopholes!

Join us September 18th at 4:00PM at Cal Anderson Park to keep fighting to put working-class renters, who make up the majority in Seattle, before corporate landlord profits. It’s time to fight to win a universal rent control policy without corporate loopholes, and to cancel all rental, mortgage, and utility debt for ordinary people who […]

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Fight for a Renters’ Bill of Rights!

Check out the many victories renters have won in Seattle alongside our socialist Council office through a fighting, movement-building approach, as well as our upcoming legislation in the fight for a full Renters’ Bill of Rights! Join the fight for ren…

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Seattle heat wave: Billionaires have brought the Earth’s climate to the brink of collapse; To win a livable world for humanity and nature, working people need to build militant, mass movements to fight back!

The dangerously hot temperatures for the coming days in Seattle once again raise the specter of a summer of risks to human health, worsening of the ongoing droughts statewide, and devastating wildfires. The cruelty of the political status quo under capitalism becomes extremely clear in the face of climate crises — there are estimated to […]

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Dangerous Seattle heat wave through Monday night; Please Seek Public Resources to Stay Safe; Despite being a wealthy city, tens of thousands are at risk with basic needs unmet. We need socialism to avert climate catastrophe!

The National Weather Service is predicting “dangerously hot conditions” for Seattle and much of the Pacific Northwest this weekend, with highs on Sunday and Monday that will likely peak above 100 degrees. Some forecasters are predicting a 106 degree high in Seattle on Monday, which would shatter previous records for the city. It is likely […]

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Eviction Moratorium Letter to Durkan from 47 Organizations on March 4, 2021

March 4, 2021 Dear Mayor Durkan, We are writing to urge you to extend Seattle’s eviction moratorium for residents, small businesses, andnonprofits beyond its current expiration date of March 31, 2021. We ask that it be extended through theend of this year, and that you announce this extension as soon as possible. The COVID-19 pandemic […]

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Corporate landlords and their political representatives on the City Council want to water down or defeat our movement’s legislation to ban school-year evictions. We cannot let them!

In yet another shameful capitulation to corporate landlords, Democrat Alex Pedersen is working to insert anti-renter loopholes into the legislation from my office banning school-year evictions of schoolchildren, their families. Just this morning, he introduced four amendments that he will be bringing up in the Renters Rights Committee meeting, which I chair, this afternoon.  Amendment […]

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Statement demanding Biden & Congress Condemn Israeli State’s Brutal Attacks in Gaza, Cut off All Military Aid, Weapons Sales

Below is a statement from my office demanding Biden & Congress condemn the Israeli state’s brutal attacks in Gaza and cut off all military aid and weapons sales. I have asked all City Councilmembers to sign on in support and am also soliciting endorsements from unions, organizations and community groups in solidarity with the Palestinian […]

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My Remarks at the May 5th Press Conference for Rent Control without Loopholes & Strong Tenant Protections

Good morning.  The United Nations’ Universal Declaration of Human Rights says that housing is a human right. But we certainly don’t need a piece of paper to tell us that – billions of working people in the world know that we need a society where all human beings have all their needs met, and can […]

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Rent Control Frequently Asked Questions


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Helping Renters Facing Economic Eviction – Relocation Assistance Expansion Infographic


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