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My Remarks at the May 5th Press Conference for Rent Control without Loopholes & Strong Tenant Protections

Good morning.  The United Nations’ Universal Declaration of Human Rights says that housing is a human right. But we certainly don’t need a piece of paper to tell us that – billions of working people in the world know that we need a society where all human beings have all their needs met, and can […]

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Rent Control Frequently Asked Questions


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Helping Renters Facing Economic Eviction – Relocation Assistance Expansion Infographic


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Renters’ Rights Rally! Thu. May 27 @ 6pm – Fight for Rent Control and to Cancel Covid Debt & Other Renter Protections


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Renters’ Rights Demands from Our Movement


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Honor tenant and worker heroes, not agents of neoliberal assault

Dear Friends, This morning I want to share with you a heartwarming and inspiring story from nearly 7 years ago. It’s about how East African immigrant single-mom tenants of public housing got organized with their fellow tenants and defeated an attempt to increase their rents by 400 percent over six years!  Ironically, though, I was reminded of […]

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My letter to Mayor Durkan Demanding She Cancel the Planned Sweep of Miller Park as Community Has Called For

Wednesday April 14, 2021 Dear Mayor Durkan, I was disappointed to see your response to the valid community concerns about your planned sweep of homeless people sheltering in Miller Park this Friday, April 16. Both the response from your office (below) and from the Human Services Department (HSD) under your direction, ignore the demands of […]

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My letter to the Mayor and the Human Services Department asking why they haven’t addressed the situation in Miller Playfield.

April 8, 2021 Dear Mayor Jenny Durkan and Seattle Human Services Department Interim Director Helen Howell, I am writing to ask what steps have been taken to make hotel rooms, tiny houses, and permanent supportive housing available to the community members currently sheltering in Miller Playfield, and to urge you to rapidly expand Seattle’s tiny […]

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My Draft Legislation Prohibiting Evictions of Children, their Families, and Educators During the School Year

The Covid-19 pandemic has made the need to protect school children, their families and educators from the devastation of eviction, and the negative ripple effect throughout the entire community, all the more urgent. Below is a link to draft legislation “prohibiting evictions of children, their families, and educators during the school year” which I will […]

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Congratulations to UFCW and Grocery Workers on Hazard Pay Ruling Victory! Solidarity with All Essential and Front line Workers!

Solidarity and congratulations to UFCW and grocery store workers who won a victory this week as a Federal Judge struck down the completely spurious lawsuit brought by massive grocery store chains against workers receiving hazard pay in the middle of a historic pandemic. Solidarity with all essential and front line workers, all of whom deserve […]

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