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Press Release Expressing Solidarity With BAmazon Union

NEWS RELEASE Councilmember Kshama Sawant FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASETuesday, February 16, 2021 Contact:Dana Robinson Slote, Council Communications, 206-423-3220 Councilmember Sawant Expresses Solidarity with BAmazon Union: “Victory in Bessemer could be historic turning point for workers across America” ‘They are afraid of the collective power you’ll have as a union. If workers organized in a union had no […]

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Letter from a constituent about renter discrimination

Greetings, I am a Seattle renter, a single mother of young adult twins who are sheltering in place with me. They are both autistic and one is multiply disabled. I applied for unemployment in March 2020 but received nothing. Like thousands of others, they ghosted me. Eventually I received an automated phone call stating I’d […]

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My Testimony Before the House Finance Committee, in Support of Taxing the Rich (Uncensored)

Councilmember Sawant testimony before House Finance Committee Which Chair Frame Never Let Me Finish 2/11/2021 On February 11, 2021, I testified in Olympia to support a capital gains tax on the rich, and to oppose any ban on Seattle’s Amazon Tax. When I spoke against a ban on Seattle’s Amazon Tax, I was censored, and […]

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Obituary for Karen Lewis

Socialist Alternative and my Council office are deeply saddened to hear of the passing of our Union sister Karen Lewis, who spearheaded the fight to rebuild the Chicago Teachers’ Union into the fighting organization that took on Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel and the billionaire-funded neoliberal education reformers in its powerful 2012 strike. As a rank-and-file […]

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Sawant Questions Whether Threats Against Her Are Being Taken Seriously by Police and Mayor Durkan

Internal email account of Seattle Fire Department employee seem to be the source, and it appears Fire Department never notified police SEATTLE – Councilmember Kshama Sawant (District 3, Central Seattle), chair of the Council’s Sustainability and Renters Rights Committee, sent a letter to Mayor Jenny Durkan today to follow up on the request she made for “an investigation into a […]

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Councilmember Sawant: Olympia Legislature Must Tax Big Business And Not Undermine Seattle’s Tax on Amazon and Other Big Businesses

Sawant to introduce a resolution to put the City of Seattle on record opposing any state effort to preempt, limit, or phase out Seattle’s Amazon Tax: ‘We need social housing and Green jobs for working people, not tax shelters for big business.’ SEATTLE – Councilmember Kshama Sawant (District 3, Central Seattle), chair of the Council’s Sustainability and Renters […]

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My Letter to Seattle FireFighters Union President Kenny Stuart with Proposals to Fight the Threat Posed by the Far Right to Working People, Racial Justice, and Progressive Movements

On January 19th, I sent a letter to City officials asking for an investigation into a series of threatening emails I received from a Seattle Firefighter email account against me and the working class and progressive movements my office represents inside City Hall. FireFighter Union, IAFF Local 27, President Kenny Stuart sent the following response, […]

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FAQ – Ban on Seattle Police Use of Tear Gas, Pepper Spray, Blast Ball & Other “Crowd Control Weapons”

What is the “Crowd Control” Weapons Ban? During the Justice for George Floyd movement, the police departments in cities including Seattle unleashed tear gar, blast balls, rubber bullets, and other so-called “crowd control” weapons. This was carried out with the approval of the Democratic establishment in the various cities. Our socialist Council office, alongside hundreds […]

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Councilmember Sawant Asks City Officials for Investigation into Threatening Emails Sent from City Employee Address

SEATTLE – Councilmember Kshama Sawant (District 3, Central Seattle) asked City officials to investigate and take seriously a series of threatening emails sent from a Seattle Fire Department employee’s city email address to Sawant’s official email.  The increasingly threatening emails began on Dec. 17, 2020, with the most specific timely threat made Jan. 18. Copies […]

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Black Lives Matter Activist Castill Hightower’s Public Testimony Calling on Democratic Party Councilmembers to “Stand with the Movement & Sawant & Not Water Down Seattle’s First-In-Nation Ban on Police Use of So-Called ‘Crowd Control’ Weapons”

Castill Hightower has spearheaded the Justice for Herbert Hightower Jr. campaign. She is a leading voice among the Seattle activists calling for an elected civilian oversight board with full powers over Seattle police, including hiring and firing, policies and procedures. My name is Castill Hightower. My brother was killed by Seattle Police in 2004 while […]

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