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Kshama Sawant’s bill to create 40 tent encampments in Seattle passed, despite attempts for sensible amendments

Today the City Council approved Councilmember Kshama Sawant’s bill to expand the number of tent encampments authorized by our city government from three to 40. Hoping to make her encampment legislation stronger, I offered amendments to preserve, expand, and extend the successful version of the “Tiny Home Village” model that lifts up those experiencing homelessness […]

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Councilmember Pedersen Introduces Bill to Consider Climate Change with All New Legislation

Implementing idea from District 4 community leaders; Climate crisis warrants swift action Councilmember Alex Pedersen (District 4, Northeast Seattle) today introduced his resolution that would enable the City Council to consider the crisis of climate change when reviewing new legislation. Currently, all the Council’s legislation requires a “fiscal note,” which measures the financial implications of […]

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National Archives building update: disappointment with federal agencies

CONVEYING OUR DISAPPOINTMENT WITH THE FEDERAL AGENCIES: As promised, I met today with the federal agencies involved in the potential sale of the national archives building at 6125 Sand Point Way NE in our District 4. Specifically, I met with officials from the Public Buildings Reform Board (the agency that officially recommended the sale), the […]

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My vote to limit winter evictions during our homelessness crisis.

In a surprising 7-0 vote this afternoon, the City Council approved an audacious ordinance prohibiting larger landlords from evicting low and moderate income tenants in Seattle during the 3 coldest months of December, January, and February, with exceptions for criminal and unsafe activities and other just causes for eviction. The vote was surprising because I […]

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Follow-up from our Town Hall: Where to Comment on the “J Line” Bus Rapid Ride (Eastlake Ave) Proposal and How to Connect to the Eastlake Community Council

Thanks to those who attended the Town Hall for District 4 residents, hosted last night by the Eastlake Community Council. If we did not answer a question you might have had or you did not get a chance to state your views on an issue important to you, please e-mail us at alex.pedersen@seattle.gov At the […]

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January 2020 Newsletter – District 4

January has been a busy month for our team, and we wanted to share what we have been working on to better represent you and the 20 neighborhoods of D-4 at City Hall. The new City Council was sworn in January 6th, and our D-4 team has been hard at work ever since. Committee Work […]

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Letter to Lyft and Uber Following the January 22nd Mass Shooting

In the wake of last week’s shooting, I heard disturbing reports of extraneous “surge” pricing of ride share companies that occurred during the chaos and confusion of the incident. Attached is a link to the letter I sent to Lyft and Uber today inquiring about the veracity of that reporting. I am concerned about the […]

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Statement on federal agencies proposing to sell archives property in NE Seattle

1/25/2020 Statement: “I am very frustrated and disappointed with the federal agencies advancing the sale of this important historical asset here in Northeast Seattle. As someone who taught history, majored in history, and worked for the Clinton Administration, I recognize the value of these historic archives being located nearby. I will continue to support the […]

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Statement on downtown shooting

I am saddened, horrified, and fed up with the senseless violence we saw in Wednesdays’s shooting, and I echo the statement made by Councilmembers Lewis and Herbold today: https://council.seattle.gov/…/councilmembers-herbold-lewi…/… “This morning our hearts are filled with grief for the loss of life that occurred as a result of last night’s shootings.  We are deeply saddened […]

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