Councilmember Pedersen Celebrates Agreement to Save Luma, the Magnificent Cedar Tree in Northeast Seattle;  Much Work to do to Protect Trees Throughout the City 

SEATTLE – Councilmember Alex Pedersen (District 4, Northeast Seattle) issued the following statement celebrating today’s announced agreement to save Luma, the magnificent cedar tree in Northeast Seattle, so it is not cut down as part of a development project: 

“Today we celebrate the agreement to save the magnificent Luma cedar tree in Northeast Seattle, and tomorrow we have much work to do to improve tree protections throughout our city. I want to thank Mayor Harrell and all those who took actions to save this exceptional tree, including the tree advocates and Tribal Governments who understand that mature trees provide valuable public health benefits, environmental sustainability, and deep cultural significance — and we must do more to save more of these trees in the face of increasing urban heat from the increasing climate crisis.” 


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