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Defend Roe v. Wade Resolution

On Tuesday, May 10, 2022, my office will move a City Council resolution in support of abortion rights and other reproductive rights, and a grassroots movement to defend Roe v. Wade. Read our proposed resolution below: A RESOLUTION in support of abortion rights and other reproductive rights, in opposition to the U.S. Supreme Court draft […]


Letter From the Washington Fair Trade Coalition in Support of our Resolution Demanding COVID-19 Vaccine Copyrights be Shared to Save Millions of Lives

On April 25, 2019 the Washington Fair Trade Coalition sent the following letter to the Seattle City Council in support of the Resolution from my office demanding President Biden end the U.S. policy of opposing the international campaign to get the Word Trade Organization to waive the intellectual property rights for COVID-19 vaccines, so that […]


Seattle Needs a Working People’s Green New Deal! Apply here for the Green New Deal Oversight Board

Overview In the last two years, young people and other climate activists have built a movement around the world to end climate change. Across the country, community organizers are demanding a Green New Deal to begin to seriously address the climate crisis. Green New Deal programs would replace the fossil fuel burning infrastructure with clean […]


Rent Control FAQ

April, 2019 The cost of renting a home is a crucial determinant of living standards for working people. With homeownership increasingly less affordable for working people, especially young people, half of Seattle is renting. Seattle is not alone, with every metropolitan region in the nation seeing a dramatic increase in the proportion of renting households. […]


Worker, organization and community letters of support for the resolution calling for a transparent and inclusive search for the Human Services Director position

Below are an arrangement of letters my office has received for organizations, workers and community members in relation to the appointment of a new permanent director at the Human Services Department. Our office has put forward a resolution calling on the Mayor to undergo an inclusive and transparent search for this vital position, which oversees […]


Letters between my office and the Mayor’s office on the Human Services Department and Jason Johnson

My office has stood proudly with the human service workers, and other community members in their demands for an inclusive and transparent search for a permanent Human Service Department Director. Below are letters between my office and the Mayor’s office over the course of the last year, requesting the Mayor’s Office attend and speak at […]


Powerful letter to Mayor Durkan from Halcyon Mobile Homeowner

Below is a letter my office received from a homeowner at the Halcyon Mobile Homes Park, Patty Zeitlin, in response to a recent letter from Mayor Durkan attacking the Halcyon community’s hard won moratorium stopping redevelopment of their community. We stand proudly with fighters like Patty in their struggle to stay in their homes and […]

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