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The Beacon Alliance of Neighbors list, like many neighborhood lists in the city, provides great information sharing opportunities about neighborhood clean-ups, crime news, new businesses in the area and more. They’re the modern equivalent of the photocopied newsletter on the porch or the bulletin board at the corner store. I learn a lot from these lists. From a string on the BAN list last Friday:


On Friday, June 76, 2014 , Lawrence H > <xxxxxxxxx@xxxx.seattle.xxx>

Lost bird and owners have been reunited!  They just came to pick it up.

Thanks to everyone who gave good suggestions and to Craig for offering to provide shelter for the bird. One of the people in the group knew their neighbor has a bird and it turned out it was them. It’s actually a parakeet, not a canary (obviously I don’t know birds).

I did call the Seattle Animal Shelter and reported the found bird so that if someone did end up calling them to find their bird, it would show up as a found bird with info on who to contact to get it.  (Thanks Pete)



On Friday, June 27, 2014 1:10 PM, Craig T <caxxxx@xxxxx.com> wrote:

I just spoke with someone at the Seattle Animal Shelter. She suggested that we go down to the shelter and list the canary as a found bird, give our contact info, yet if we have a setup for the canary, to go ahead and foster it. That way the owner will have a chance to find his/her pet, and the canary will not have to go through any more stress of being handled. So, Ariel and I are open to foster the bird, if it’s a canary. If it’s a lovebird, well, that’s another story, as lovebirds can be extremely aggressive (except to other lovebirds).

Please take it to the Seattle Animal Shelter. Someone may be looking for  it and they will attempt to connect to an owner before putting it up for adoption.



On Thursday, June 26, 2014 9:32 PM, Lawrence H <xxxxxxxxx@xxxx.seattle.xxx> wrote:


I found a little bird (maybe a canary?) on my front porch just about 15 minutes ago. I put it in a shoe box and will keep it until mid day tomorrow. If no one claims it, I’ll take it to the pet store and let them have it. Nothing seems to be wrong with it. I think it’s just lost.mIt’s very cute and seems quite tame. I fed it some millet (hope that’s ok) which it seemed to enjoy.  If you or someone you know lost a bird today, let me know what color it is  and it’s yours. If it’s not yours and you want it, let me know also and it the owner  doesn’t claim it, you can have it.