Letter From Tricia Schroeder, President of SEIU Local 925, to MightyKidz Bosses, Demanding Reinstatement of Ten Unjustly Fired Workers and Union Recognition

Friday, August 12, 2022

Greetings Kyla and Jeff Liboon:

As President of SEIU Local 925, our state’s largest childcare union, I am appalled by your recent firing of a group of early learning teachers who approached you about their intentions to form a union. 

The teachers at MightyKidz are actively engaged in organizing their union and we are proud they have chosen to organize with SEIU 925. Like all American workers, the MightyKidz teachers have the unquestioned right to form a union and engage in protected concerted activity free of harassment, retaliation, or intimidation. Instead of respecting these rights, you chose to fire 10 of these outstanding, loyal employees. This is not just a violation of decency, this is a violation of the law. 

The members of SEIU 925 stand with these workers and demand that MightyKidz immediately reinstate all ten fired workers, voluntarily recognize the union that they are forming with 925, cease and desist all harassment, retaliation, and intimidation of teachers, and negotiate in good faith to resolve the very serious concerns that the MightyKidz teachers have been trying to address. The safety of the children entrusted to MightyKidz and the rights of the teachers deserve nothing less.


Tricia Schroeder


SEIU Local 925