In Your Own Words: Community Members Speak in Support of Making Seattle an Abortion Rights Sanctuary City!

Below are answers we received from working people and community members who signed Councilmember Kshama Sawant’s petition to make Seattle an abortion rights sanctuary city! Sign the petition now:

In your own words, why should Seattle be an abortion rights sanctuary city and also fund free abortions for all Seattle residents and anyone fleeing abortion-related criminal charges by raising the Amazon Tax?

Investment in women’s futures now will save us all in the long run.

We just can’t bring babies to be left abandoned to die or to come to this world and live miserably because the parents are either addicts or can’t financially support. More women will be performing their own abortions, we will be finding more and more abandoned babies and find more dead women due to self perform.

Everyone deserves healthcare no matter where they live

Every woman, regardless of their place of residence should have the right to decide what happens to their body. Seattle has billions of dollars of tax that is not being collected from the likes of Amazon so this could be put to good use and help those in need.

Because we are overpopulated as a species, we are killing Earth as a result, and this move by SCOTUS is unconstitutional Christo-Fascism being forced on people of other religions

Every person has the right to control their own body.

Abortion is a human’s right to choose. This choice is personal and specific to that individuals given situation. With the government’s decision to take abortion rights away, means no help to these women during/after pregnancies, more expenses that they can’t afford and continues to repress these women’s lives. We must help these women or anyone in need of an abortion.

Corporate oligarchs have created this crisis by stacking our government with christian nationalist misogynists. Let’s make them pay to safeguard our rights. Let’s also make them pay for us (and our comrades who are trapped in fascist states) to ACCESS our rights. I had an abortion in 2015 and it was the best decision I ever made.

Because women need agency over their own body!

Because someone has to do it

Because reproductive rights are human rights. And because after the recent decision by the right wing majority supreme court we need to respond with concrete proposals and plans of action. There’s no time to waste. People of Seattle need to step up.

I needed such a service in 1999 when I lived just outside of Seattle and had to drive the 2+ hours per day for 3 days to receive the needed procedure as my local hospital didn’t have a doctor willing to perform it for religious reasons.

Because abortion is a medic procedure. And the only people who should be involved in making a medical decision is a healthcare provider and the patient.

Because abortion is a medic procedure. And the only people who should be involved in making a medical decision is a healthcare provider and the patient.

I’m not sure the tax should be levied on Amazon alone. If the city is committed it should be a shared responsibility.

Seattle is a leading city in the Northwest for healthcare and personal freedoms. Becoming a safe haven for those most in need is something I’ve come to expect from our state. Seattle was a sanctuary city for ICE raids, the precedent is already there

Show total support of women’s rights as a illustration to the importance of the situation.

It’s the right thing to do

American Federation of Government Employees, Local 3197, AFL-CIO, representing employees of the Seattle VA Medical Center, endorsed a resolution to Defend Roe and LGBTQ Rights, unanimously at our Membership Meeting in May, following the draft leak on Roe from SCOTUS. Members spoke of how losing abortion rights will significantly negatively affect them and their families, also that this is a workers’ issue, a labor issue affecting not just people who can become pregnant, but ALL of us. Thank you Council Member Kshama Sawant for bringing this legislation to make Seattle an Abortion Rights Sanctuary City, to fund FREE ABORTIONS for ALL Seattle residents & ANYONE fleeing abortion-related criminal charges by increasing the Amazon Tax!

P.S. Our Union Local was a proud coalition member of the Tax Amazon! campaign. All good wishes to you and your amazing council office!

Abortion must be safe, legal, affordable, and accessible. If not, we risk the health and safety of countless people who will seek abortion regardless of its legality. The poorest people, as with all things but especially in these instances, will be the ones to suffer, as anyone with money – including Republicans, conservatives and “pro-lifers” – wishing to get an abortion will have better access to medical care and facilities and better ability to conceal their decision and eventual treatment. Abortion is a medical procedure and we have done enough already in this country to prohibit the poorest people from proper and diligent medical care. Abortion must be safe, legal, affordable and accessible.

My mom is a physical therapist who’s helped thousands if not millions of patients. She worked her way through college so she could start that successful career despite not having access to the appropriate accommodations for dyslexia. When I was evaluated with several dyslexia she made sure I got the specialized education she never had so I could succeed in our education system. That education supplemented with skills she’d thought herself enabled me to become an A+ student throughout middle school, high school, and college. My mother raised my brothers with the same dedication making them into the kind, loving men they are now who are carrying on her legacy of helping those in need of medical attention. In college she got pregnant and as much as she wanted to be a mother, she wasn’t ready. Her choice to end that pregnancy gave me and my brothers a privileged childhood of love and support. My mothers life is filled with love and purposeful fulfillment which she share with the family she chose. Protect that choice for people who may not get it because it’s not a luxury, it’s a right

I had an abortion when I was 16. It was truly one of the hardest choices of my life but it was my choice. I was able to continue, complete and go on to earn a successful career as a fire medic. I did not make the choice lightly and I think about that day often. The clinic I was at was clean, safe and supported my choice. They took their time explaining everything and made sure I knew I wasn’t being forced and could leave at any time. I am signing this because I believe woman who need abortions will seek out dangerous and life threatening options if they live in a abortion banned state.

Reproductive care is a matter of life or death for many women and birthing persons- not only in terms of the potential for criminal charges for those seeking abortions, but for those who have miscarriages or other pregnancy-related complications. This care is absolutely essential. If Amazon cares as much for its employees’ well-being as it claims to, the company should happily contribute to such a fund through a higher tax rate.

Everyone deserves the right to a safe abortion anytime without question. We must help keep folks safe who are fleeing states with anti-abortion legislation going into effect. We must also tax corporations so abortion can be free for all Washingtonians and anyone from out of state who is coming to receive abortion care.

freedom of choice and public safety for women

Abortion is a healthcare issue and we should not be basing or laws on ONE religion’s views. Also the tax for Amazon is the least we can to do get this company to pay for Healthcare for the people in this state especially since Amazon uses all our resources without giving anything back.

Abortion saves lives – the more spaces there are to protect this fundamental human right the better. Women and people with uteruses canNOT be equal unless this right is protected. Since it cannot be protected federally at this time thanks to a less-than-legitimate Supreme Court and the Democratic Majority’s unwillingness to codify abortion rights in any meaningful way, there must be places to make it safe for these people to obtain life-saving and life-affirming care.

There are many people who can afford them but yes low income and young people need the free abortions. Definitely the folks who don’t have access should be able to come here and get support.

No person should be forced into pregnancy or giving birth

abortion is healthcare and should be accessible and protected for any and all people that need it.

everyone deserves basic human rights

Everyone that has privilege must use that privilege to serve those less fortunate. We have the privilege of living in a state that respects our right to choose. We must help others that are unable to help themselves.

Abortion is a human right and should be protected as such.

Women should control their own bodies.

Because it’s the right thing to do, and someone has to be a leader. Someone has to do SOMETHING!!!!

Because the city has always been a safe space for individuals seeking equality & I don’t see why that should change now .

Our country will need as many sanctuary cities as we can get to offer safe abortions so that the reversal of Roe vs. Wade doesn’t create a health crisis full of women having medical complications from illegal, butchery type, back alley abortions.

I am a naturopathic doctor and I support abortions for all individuals with a uterus. Politics needs to be stopped from taking away individual rights.

Because it’s the right thing to do…

Seattle should stand and be a beacon for women and families.

Abortion saves lives. Nobody should be forced to give birth especially if the pregnancy can cause serious harm/kill the person carrying the fetus.

Every Sanctuary outpost that l can assist l will. Body autonomy is rule and right number1! Free speech of course comes a close follow, but l am proud of my city and it is for these choices.

Abortions are health care.

Women’s liberation

Because it’s the right thing to do.

Everyone has a right to bodily autonomy regardless of accessibility to proper health care.

Investment in women’s futures benefits us all.

Abortion is a human right. Seattle should take a stand to protect civil rights.

Justice for all

Because it’s the right thing to do.

People need to know that there are safe places to go where their rights can be respected.

People in states with abortion bans need us

Abortion should be considered a basic human right protected by the constitution and part of basic universal healthcare that can be easily funded by large corporations if they are taxed at a reasonable rate.

Because my siblings in Texas need a safe place to land if they ever need it.

Abortion is one form of the fundamental human right to bodily autonomy. No other circumstance is it legal for a person to be forced to use any part or product of their body for any process they do not wish to go through. Even upon death, a person’s body may not be donated or used for science unless explicitly and formally consented upon by that same individual during life. A living person should not have less control over their own body than they will as a corpse. With abortion bans taking place across the country, it is imperative to provide complete and total access for anyone who needs an abortion to receive one, no matter who they are or where they’re from or what resources they have. Access to abortion saves lives, no matter the reason the individual has for ending a pregnancy. Providing people before, during, and after getting an abortion with necessary resources is the only way to ensure that there is truly equitable access to abortion. Seattle is a major metropolitan area with many internationally successful corporations setting up headquarters and distribution centers aplenty. These corporations have a duty to provide back into the same community that labors for it. With all of the record-breaking profits, there should be no shortage of wealth experienced by the community in kind. This however, is not the case. Major corporations will not only underpay their workers with many relying on crowdfunding and government services—if people are able to even reach the relevant civic services with record call-volumes—but also take additional tax breaks on top of this. The government is allowing people to lose their homes, get ill, and starve due to inaction and “lack of funds” while corporations are making more money than ever with help from the government whose money is given by the people for the people! This is utterly backwards. One first step the city of Seattle can take to provide to properly address both this current human rights and health care crisis as well as work to amend its grievous negligence of duty to the people is to rightfully increase the Amazon Tax and provide fully accessible abortions, sanctuary, and essential resources for ANY person in or who travels to Seattle to seek an abortion.

We need to act now to support people who have been robbed of their bodily autonomy. I believe this action should be in conjunction with pushing a bill that restores reproductive rights on the federal level.

Somebody needs to stand up and be a hero to save women from being forced to carry a fetus to term if they don’t want to or because they may die if they do. We need to have iron clad laws in place that will not criminalize women who come from red states to get an abortion in Seattle. Too many times, well meaning laws have huge loopholes that make them pretty much null and void, so I urge you to make sure anyone who comes here will be safe from prosecution, period. And I agree with CM Sawant’s suggestion to raise the Amazon tax so women can get a free abortion in Seattle. We are so tired of the wealthy not paying their fair share in taxes while squeezing every last drop of tax blood from the rest of us. If they would pay their fair share, so many of our social ills could be alleviated.

It is a humane response to cruel injustice.

Because the madness needs to stop somewhere.

Amazon has funded the anti-abortion fascists for years. they need to make amends.

To save women and those who can give birth.

The more I think about the future, the more scared I get. I could name the climate crisis, steeply rising political tension, economic insecurity as reasons, but I have always felt extremely, EXTREMELY lucky as a queer person to live in an urban area like Seattle, where the culture is generally supportive of that. If Seattle does not work to extend that supportive culture (and legislation) to all minoritized or persecuted groups, it has failed. And I like Seattle. So don’t fail.

Free access to abortion allows people with uteruses control over their bodies, which is a human right. Free and safe access to abortion gives ALL people that control. Amazon will survive higher taxes, but many people who are forced into unsafe abortions or births will not.

Because every woman has the right to do as they please with their bodies.

Abortions are healthcare. They must be protected.

Because we need to protect and support women who practice their human right of bodily integrity.

Every woman deserves the right to life and liberty. I prefer to bestow those rights unto women over fetuses.

It’s right thing to do

Getting an abortion is not illegal it’s a right. We need to improve the foster care system and find better supports for children/ families in need.

Seattle should be an abortion rights sanctuary, and fund free abortions for anyone from within or outside the state of Washington, because abortion is healthcare, because bodily autonomy is a basic human right, and because it is the right thing to do. And raising the Amazon tax is a painless and just way to fund it. A country that forces poor women to go through childbirth against their will, while denying them healthcare, is not a free country; it is an authoritarian fascist theocracy. Under such regimes women are always targeted. We won’t stand or it, and this is how we resist, by pooling resources and providing relief to those with nowhere else to go.

Abortion is healthcare and therefore should be legal everywhere. Amazon has more money than it will ever need, and that money can be better used to care for people who would experience financial burden by seeking essential healthcare.

We need to fund basic human rights and defend bodily autonomy for all

There is money is Seattle to do this. It’s time to stop letting large companies and their owners/founders get rich. It’s OK for them to rich, but not as rich as they are now.

No one should be forced to birth. People who can get pregnant should have every right to determine for themselves what happens to their bodies. Seattle becoming an abortion rights sanctuary city and funding free abortions is the only ethical choice.

Our nations halls of power have been swallowed by a theocratic minority that has laid claim to our highest court, we are likely to see half a century of this awful minority, evangelical rule in the judiciary. Freedom loving Americans can no longer count on the courts for anything. We have to demand, and yes, force our politicians and the mercantile class to support and make absolute, codified law, our rights to autonomy, so tightly bound to our national constitution and identity that the American Taliban can’t force their evangelical lifestyle on us all.

It is a human right to make decisions about our own bodies; no one else should ever again have the right to overrule another person in regards to their own choices, their own rights.

We have a rogue supreme court. The Democrats are doing ZERO!

We should allow everyone rights to their body.

My body my rights

Amazon has been dodging taxes for years and needs to pay. I can think of no better way than by paying to save the lives of women fleeing the murderous abortion bans sweeping the nation since the extremist majority on the Supreme Court struck down Roe v Wade.

Because every person should have rights to make decisions about their own bodies and Amazon can afford it and needs to give back to the city its ruining.

Because it’s the right thing to do if we want to take care of our people

Because our future and survival depends on pregnant people’s rights to choose what to do with their bodies and access to healthcare. It depends on women and pregnant people’s ability to family plan, and not be subjected to parenthood without consent.

Socialism is Caring About All Of Us. A new true Left Party needs built now to oppose the Capitalist Uniparty.

Amazon has fleeced the nation, and in particular its “home base” Seattle, sufficiently over the past decade that it owes signifcant community reparation. What better way to atone for past abuses than to support others who are being oppressed by unfair authority? Poetic justice!

folks with uteruses will die without the right to abortion

It’s the correct thing to do.

Women have the right to choose.

Seattle was my sanctuary where I turned 21 and am now 59. There are many reasons for abortion which is not anyone’s business but the person getting one, I am one of those who received one at 23. It is unbelievable that government can make that choice. We need to make a stand and if our great state and city is willing to stand back we all must stand together to support those that need this medical procedure. I am ambivalent of the free funding part but am hopeful for our humanity by this action.

To hold the line on all of our Rights and Freedoms that are under attack by this vicious Supreme Court. Not just of women but also of Native Americans, People of Color, and the foolish Whites who put these dangerous people in office. Let us not overlook the attack on our environment – air, water, and land – that we all depend on for our survival!

As a 77 year old woman, I know what life was like for women and unplanned children 50 years ago. These times could be even worst. We need states, counties, and cities as safe havens for people seeking abortions.

Taxing the rich to fund free abortions is a minor step towards eroding our right-wing oligarchy’s chokehold on democracy. The least we can do!

Well we must provide healthcare, it is a human right. Abortions are healthcare, no question about that. It’s a matter of securing rights and helping people survive.

If we don’t step up, who will? Are we so backwards that basic rights are something to be argued over? Are so devolved that what a person chooses what to do with their body is the business of everyone, even if they don’t even know who they are? If abortion is under attack, then it’s up to us to safeguard. In this case, that means making Seattle a sanctuary city.

This is a life saving and life changing procedure and truly healthcare. Pregnancy should never be forced on any one. Abortion is not anything any woman takes lightly, it is a major decision that only SHE can make.

Abortion is a human right and a public health service. The city has a duty to provide health care support for its residents.

Abortion is essential healthcare. We must use whatever tools we have in our jurisdiction to protect access for as many people as possible. I would like to see the same done for gender affirming care.

Because it’s the right thing to do. Abortion is basic healthcare yet it is being criminalized in half of the country.

I support the rights of people to make critical decisions about their own bodies and lives. A civilized society respects this as a personal choice. I support the separation of church and state at all levels of government:

There is no longer Religious freedom in our country due to this June 24th 2022 ruling. There will be dire consequences to overruling Science in favor of the religious beliefs

of the few. Overturning our right to Privacy while disallowing over half the country autonomy is tempting a mass exodus not just from logic but from the rule of law in general. When laws are based on emotional belief we have witch hunts. I do not however, agree that one corporation should be held solely fiscally responsible for the aggregious mistake of the court.

Bodily autonomy is a basic human right. Also, as a Jewish person, I see the argument that abortion restriction is in the name of religious freedom as a blatant attempt to push Christian theocracy and white supremacy. Banning abortion is an absolute infringement on religious freedom and basic human rights.

Whether Black or white, indigenous or newcomer, whether wealthy or poor, all women deserve the right to have full autonomy over their bodies. With the overturning of Roe many women will be seeking sanctuary in Washington State but Washington State is not immune to anti-abortion activism. Poor and low income women have less access to abortion services. And the reduction in abortion clinics by large mergers and the running of healthcare by religious organizations that refuse full reproductive care leave many women without full autonomy over their bodies. Corporations like Amazon drive up the housing prices and increase economic disparities that contribute to limited healthcare access. By requiring Amazon to pay their fair share we can work together to ensure that in Seattle no matter your race or economic class you have reproductive freedom.

Ideally this country should codify Roe into law but without much hope of that happening we must take bold actions to make real change in this country. As a long standing citizen of Seattle I feel support of this movement is the least I can do to help the women of this country defend the right to their own bodies.

This is the right thing to do and another opportunity for Seattle to set an example for the rest of the nation!

Everyone should have the right to make decisions about their own body.

As women we should stand together to support a woman’s right to choose.

I feel safe and cared for in Seattle. Everyone should feel that way! I hope we are always known as a city of compassion and care for all.

This is another attack on oppressed classes of people. We need to fight for abortion rights and draw the connection with the need for housing and childcare to ensure that all people can live in this country

I really shouldn’t even have to formulate a defense of why women, girls, and other people should be considered fully human and in charge of their own bodies.

Now more than ever, people in marginalized communities need safe spaces to access care. Seattle should absolutely be one of those safe spaces for women of color, trans folks, all birthing people who are having their right to heath care access not only stripped away but now criminalized. This is a critical time in our nation’s history to take a stance with the people who need the most support.

Because women’s health care is important.

Seattle has always been a leader in working class movements that bring about transformative change (e.g., 15$/hour movement). It’s time to set another example and demonstrate working class solidarity over this critical issue of bodily autonomy. Also, it’s about time Amazon starts paying up.

Washington citizens have the rare privilege right now with access to abortion rights, and we need to do everything we can not only to maintain those rights but to extend them to citizens in less privileged states.

It’s the right thing to do.

Abortion is part of reproductive rights, which falls under Healthcare rights. Amazon MUST be taxed to make this city and state a sanctuary area for abortion, reproductive and health rights!

Bodily autonomy is a human right. No one should be forced to carry a pregnancy. Parenting needs to be an enthusiastic yes or not at all.

Every human with a uterus deserves bodily autonomy. No one should ever be forced to bring a fetus to term if they don’t want to, regardless of what that reason might be; it’s no one’s business but the person making their choice. Since this right is being stripped away from hundreds of thousands of people, we need to ensure that not only will we continue to have access to abortion in the State of Washington, but it’s now a civil duty to provide access to those who cannot quickly, safely, or easily access this form of healthcare.

I ask anyone one question. Conservative or liberal. If you can answer this one question, you will either regret this decision to overturn Roe or you will live as a villain to humanity. What about rape?

Abortion is healthcare and this country has now criminalized a person’s right to choose and get a safe abortion.

Now is the time for the council to lead on defending the right to abortion healthcare.

Taxes in Washington are very low and in these times where our federal government is attacking our rights it is up to strong local governments to minimize the harm being caused by the federal.

We can be a beacon to the country

We need to counteract the Supreme Court’s decision to undo settled law of 50 years.

This is a fundamental struggle between oppression nd justice, and we are obligated to fight on the right side of history. Abortion access means self-sovereignty – without the choice to refuse pregnancy, women are reduced to servitude.

As human rights in America become increasingly restricted, there need to be beacons of hope for those hit hardest by these losses. Seattle has the resources and the will to be one of those beacons, and we need to show that this city will not retreat from movements that oppress people in need. We need to use what we have, and leverage the wealth that has grown here, to assist the targets of systemic degradation. Fight back!

Women who need or desire to end their pregnancy should not be relegated to the pre-1973, dangerous conditions. The “conservative” (corrupt is more appropriate) Supreme Court is foolishly and corruptly misinterpreting the Constitution to aid and abet their billionaire puppeteers’ tyrannical agenda. To not allow women to control their reproductive lives is unconstitutional and will harm millions of women if allowed to continue. Seattle should do what it can to help in the sanctuary movement, along with California and other progressive regions of the country.

Abortion is a necessary procedure and must be protected in order to protect women.

Everyone is entitled medical care, and abortion is a life-saving medical procedure that everyone should have access to. Amazon is a resource that we all use, and a resource that takes advantage of us. In short, the company has taken our space, our citizens, our local resources, etc. and has given us back negative goods in return. In order for Amazon to co-exist with us, they need to be able to give instead of just take. When thinking of resources we need with which a higher Amazon Tax could fund, creating a sanctuary city and using the tax to fund free abortions is a very timely need that comes to mind. The Amazon Tax needs to be raised regardless of what it is for, and making Seattle an abortion rights sanctuary city and providing free abortions is an immediate need that if fulfilled would provide relief to so many individuals who are currently struggling, and those who will have struggles seeking out a safe abortion in the future. Lives are at stake and we need to take action now.

Women need to be in charge of their bodies and equal persons/citizens in this country. This freedom and assistance would help them do so!

because we have SCOTUS & the fed gov’t ending our LEGAL right to choose

Reproductive freedom and health is a community responsibility.

Abortion is an attack on women, and an attack on one of us is an attack on all of us. We must fight this with every weapon we have available including at the local level.

We have an obligation because of who we are and what we stand for in this unique state and city to protect and defend womens rights to a safe medical procedure such as abortion. We need to hold true to maintaining all human rights to Everyone who comes under attack. Women have fought these fights before and we should have to fight again.

Bodily autonomy is the key to so many human rights freedoms. Amazon has gone too long without benefiting the communities it invaded.

Because women need to make their own choices

Abortion is a necessary healthcare. Supporting abortions for anyone who needs it is the most ethical decision as it gives people the autonomy over their bodies and freedom from government interference. Just as you cannot force someone to donate an organ even if it would save someone’s life, you cannot force them to give birth unwillingly.

Because every woman has to have the right and power to get an abortion if she desires to, needs to, chooses to.

Because every woman has to have the right and power to get an abortion if she desires to, needs to, chooses to.

We are a state that touts healthcare rights to all and yet we are here having to beg the city council to make sure that we have them. This is what we thought our constitution guaranteed us but as we all know it is only about the male rights of this country. As our state leaders we need you to act NOW. You cannot wait. You already waited too long. This should have been done years ago. Now is the time.

Protect ALL OUR RIGHTS!!! Everyone deserves healthcare and reproductive rights are a part of that.

Because it is simply the right thing to do.

We have the resources and structure to offer aid to those living in situations and/or states that make it difficult or impossible to access legal, safe abortions and contraception. Therefore, it seems logical that Seattle should do all it can to help those citizens who are looking for aid in order to promote a strong and healthy community. It is our obligation to care for each other as human beings and members of this global community, to offer support and comfort wherever possible. Amazon has been an exploitive, parasitic presence that is hoarding wealth while others struggle to survive and thrive in the community, it’s time for them to give back in a significant way rather than offering meaningless handouts that do nothing but promote their already grossly overgrown business.

The recent SCOTUS decision stripped people of their rights and that should concern anyone living in the United States. Abortion is healthcare, and healthcare is a human right. Making Seattle a sanctuary city and funding free abortions for Seattle residents and folks seeking safe and legal abortion upholds that belief and treats people with the dignity, rights, and healthcare we deserve.

women must have the right to chose her own reproductive choices

Abortion is Healthcare and Healthcare is a human right

There are many women who will die as a result of not being able to get an abortion. There already have been so many countless stories of women with ectopic pregnancies whose lives were unnecessarily put at risk due to the recent decision made by SCOTUS. If Seattle truly cares about protecting our women, show it

Seattle has an opportunity to be a national model for reproductive justice and preserve bodily autonomy.

Amazon needs to be taxed anyway, and I can think of no better use for that money than to fund abortions. Neighboring states don’t have access to abortion now or will lose access to abortion and our clinics will need help to keep up with the new demand

Women deserve the right to their own bodies, and any way to defend this freedom is an absolute necessity to prevent encroachment from Republican attacks on bodily autonomy.

The ability to have an abortion is a human right

Abortion is healthcare that everyone should have access to