Solidarity With The Working People of Sudan Fighting Against Brutal Oppression!

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Thursday June 06, 2019

Dear sisters and brothers,

Workers, socialists and activists around the world are watching your heroic struggle for democracy, human rights, and decent living standards. You are not alone!

While Bashir has been forced from office by your determination, the same forces that supported him are seeking to cling to power. At first they pretended to support the people, but as the people of Sudan continued to demand real change, the Transitional Military Council has shifted to violence, unleashing the Rapid Support Forces.

Working people of Sudan have the power to change society, as all sections of society depend on your labor. Without workers, nothing happens. This power needs to be harnessed and organized through democratic unions calling a general strike, coordinated through democratic committees and mass meetings of workers and the poor. The democratic unions and committees based on workplaces and communities are the basis of people’s power. Linking these committees together has the power to carry the struggle forward. Workers’ defense forces are needed to protect strikers and demonstrators.

From here, it appears that many rank-and-file soldiers do not support the repression. Appeals to them to support the Sudanese people, electing representatives to link with workers’ and community committees, can undermine the forces of the old regime in the military leadership.

Brutally repressive regimes in Egypt, United Arab Emirates, and Saudi Arabia support the military. However, workers around the world are in solidarity with Sudanese working people.

We will follow your struggle, and work to raise awareness about your inspiring actions. For an independent revolutionary government and workers’ democracy.

In solidarity,

Kshama Sawant

Seattle City Councilmember