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    Repeal the Death Penalty

    Yesterday, Gov. Inslee, Attorney General Ferguson, former Attorney General McKenna, and several Democrat and Republican legislators announced they would introduce legislation repealing Washington’s death penalty statute. I hope the legislature passes this measure; it’s long overdue. I wrote about this…


    A Letter to State Lawmakers Supporting Rent Control

    On January 17, 2017, I sent the following letter to House Speaker Frank Chopp and the House Local Government Committee, calling on them to reject HB 1082, an unjust bill that would prohibit commercial rent control. They should instead use their time to finally repeal RCW 35.21.830, the State’s ban on rent control. January 17, 2017 Dear House Speaker […]


    National Lawyers Guild Regional VP to Seattle Public Schools: Support Students’ Right to Protest

    On Friday, January 13, Seattle Public Schools (SPS) sent out an email in which they threatened disciplinary action in the form of unexcused absences against students who plan to participate in Inauguration Day walkouts. As I noted yesterday, the letter’s implication that SPS will coordinate with the Seattle Police is highly troubling. I want to thank Neil Fox, parent of […]


    Seattle Public Schools Threatens Student Walkout — Stand With Students Against Trump!

    Earlier today, Seattle Public Schools’ Office of Public Affairs sent out the following email, in which they threaten disciplinary action in the form of unexcused absences against students who plan to participate in Inauguration Day walkouts. The letter’s implication that Seattle Public Schools will coordinate with the Seattle Police is highly troubling. I stand with the […]


    Councilmember Herbold’s Statement on Bike Share Decision

    Councilmember Lisa Herbold (District 1, West Seattle & South Park) issued the following statement after Mayor Murray’s announcement that the City will not pursue a new bike share system following Pronto Cycle Share’s decommissioning later this winter: “This was absolutely the right call. With limited public dollars, these resources are better used to develop safe […]


    Federal Judge OKs Moving Forward on Police Accountability Legislation; Tenants’ Rights Workshop in District 1; Community Benefit Agreements (CBAs)

    Federal judge OKs moving forward on police accountability legislation Late last week a federal judge ruled that Seattle can proceed with police accountability legislation.  This legislation has been developed to comply with the requirements of the 2012 Consent Decree with the US Department of Justice to reform policing in Seattle.   Federal Judge James Robart is […]


    Councilmember González’ Statement of Support for State Paid Family Leave Bill

    Councilmember M. Lorena González, Chair of the Council’s Gender Equity Committee, issued the following statement following Senator Karen Keiser’s (D – Des Moines) and Representative June Robinson’s (D – Everett) unveiling of State legislation to provide paid family and medical leave to support and strengthen Washington’s working families: “I am proud to stand in support […]


    Resist Trump! Inauguration Week Actions

    Mass protests during inauguration week are extremely important to send a clear message to Trump that he has no mandate for his bigoted and anti-worker agenda. Join Seattle’s Anti-Trump Resistance! Look below for details on local actions. For a listing of events throughout Washington State, check out this article from The Stand, and check back for more. Thursday, […]


    MHA Citywide Proposal and Future Legislative Process; Arts and Music Commissions presentation on arts space affordability; Sound Transit Busker pilot program survey; Democracy Vouchers; Seattle United for Immigrant and Refugee Families

    MHA – Citywide Proposal and Future Legislative Process The broad public conversation of the Executive’s initial (my emphasis added) proposal to implement the Mandatory Housing Affordability (MHA) program approved by the Council in last year’s MHA framework legislation  began in Fall 2016. Last year’s framework legislation laid out how all developers would have to contribute […]


    Finally — Affordable Lockers Now on Site at Roy Street Shelter!

    January 4, 2017 Waking up and still having our shoes within reach is something many of us take for granted. But for those who are homeless it is not so simple. Many people experiencing homelessness have told me that whether they are in shelters or on the streets, they must sleep with one eye open, […]

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