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    Online Seattle Municipal Code updated

    The current online code incorporates ordinances passed through 13 June 2014 except for Ordinances 124105 and 124490. The most recent codified ordinance is Ordinance 124495. Ordinance No. SMC Section(s) affected 124475 Amended §§ 23.22.062.A, 23.24.045.A, 23.34.086, 23.44.010, 23.44.012, 23.44.022.K, 23.84A.004, 23.84A.024, 23.84A.046, 23.86.010.A; repealed § 23.24.046 124494 Amended ch. 25.32 124495 Amended ch. 25.32[More]

    Legislation approved by the Seattle City Council on July 14, 2014, and filed with the City Clerk

    Scanned copies of the signed legislation are available in the database records linked below: Ord. 124524 C.B. 118140 AN ORDINANCE relating to transportation network companies, taxi, and for-hire services and affiliated drivers and vehicles: establishing minimum operating requirements for transportation network companies and affiliated drivers; imposing industry-wide vehicle inspection and driver training processes; imposing insurance […][More]

    Archives Find of the Month: Industrial School of Seattle

    Clerk File 12099 contains a 1901 report about the Industrial School of Seattle, submitted by the Municipal Guardian and Superintendent, Major C. Newell.  The report explains that the school was founded by the Boys and Girls Aid Society of Washington, whose mission was “to help boys and girls of school age that had no earthly […][More]

    Councilmember Harrell Seeks Candidates for Human Rights Commission

    City of Seattle FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: 7/31/2014

    Councilmember Bruce Harrell

    Councilmember Harrell Seeks Candidates for Human Rights Commission

    Seattle - The Seattle Human Rights Commission is seeking applicants to fill vacant Commissioner positions. The Commission advises the Mayor and City Council on human rights and social justice issues.

    The Commission works with the Director of the Office for Civil Rights to end discrimination based on race, religion, creed, color, national origin, sexual orientation, political ideology, ancestry, age, marital and parental status, disability and Section 8 status. The Commission works to have an impact on the lives of people in Seattle through its policy work and community outreach.

    "I am proud to work with the City's Human Rights Commission," said Councilmember Bruce Harrell, chair of the Public Safety, Civil Rights and Technology Committee. "The Commission continues to play a vital role in hearing discrimination appeals and shaping the City's dialogue on human rights for all Seattle residents."

    Participation on the Commission requires a minimum time commitment of 10-15 hours per month. This includes attendance at monthly meetings held the first Thursday of each month in the evening, participation in committee work, meeting with City departments, communicating with state legislators and addressing human rights concerns.

    The Commission also hears and adjudicates appeals of discrimination cases from the Seattle Office for Civil Rights. Commissioners are appointed to two-year terms and all appointments are subject to confirmation by the Seattle City Council. Commissioners must reside within the City of Seattle. The Commission is particularly interested in applicants with backgrounds in human rights, education, law, public policy and advocacy. Commissioners serve without compensation.

    To be considered, email a letter of interest, resume and SHRC application to by August 25, 2014. The SHRC application is available at or by request made to

    The City is committed to promoting diversity in its commissions. Women, people with disabilities, youth, lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, immigrants and people of color are encouraged to apply. All are welcome.

    [View in Council Newsroom]


    Women in the Workplace: North East Seattle Together (NEST)

    There’s a retired chef in Northeast Seattle who, not so long ago, gave up driving. But he still manages to get to the grocery store once a week. And he has help with some of his other chores and needs, thanks to a new organization, a nonprofit that enlists seniors, recruits volunteers and has created a “virtual village.”

    NEST members gather for a summer cookout

    NEST members gather for a summer cookout

    I first heard about the village idea from Debbie Anderson, a former director of senior programs at Overlake Hospital. Anderson is president of the board of directors of NEST, an acronym for North East Seattle Together. She shared her vision with me two years ago.

    What we need, … Continue Reading »


    Guest blog post: The dangers of gas-powered leaf blowers

    [Note: The following is a guest blog post. Let us know in the comments or via email what you think Seattle City Council ought to do about the issues Maddy raises here:] Hi, my name is Maddy and I have recently graduated from my senior year of high school. After reaching out to Councilmember O’Brien […][More]

    Legislation approved by the Seattle City Council on July 7, 2014, and filed with the City Clerk

    Scanned copies of the signed legislation are available in the database records linked below: Ord. 124525 C.B. 118136 AN ORDINANCE approving and confirming the plat of “Residences at Fairview Addition” in portions of Section 17 and Section 20, Township 25 North, Range 4 East, W.M. in King County, Washington, with a modified plat condition; accepting […][More]

    Are You Out to Lunch?

    Summer weather should be enjoyed. Here's one way to do so, especially if you work in downtown Seattle.[More]

    A Good and Honorable Man

    The passing of former Mayor Paul Schell this past weekend came as quite a shock because he was such an active, engaged and passionate leader. Above all, I knew Mayor Schell to be a good and honorable man. He was...[More]

    Action Summary, Monday, July 28, 2014

    Action Summary of the Seattle City Council Full Council Meeting Monday, July 28, 2014  (Councilmembers O’Brien and Rasmussen were excused)   SEATTLE PUBLIC UTILITIES AND NEIGHBORHOODS COMMITTEE: 1. C.B. 118151   Held until August 4, 2014  Relating to the Department of Neighborhoods; authorizing implementation of certain Neighborhood Matching Fund projects in 2014,[More]