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    Safe trick or treating

    Happy Halloween! Seattle Police Department has some recommendations to keep your family and our community safe this Halloween. Ensure that your home is safe and accessible to trick-or-treaters. As adults there are some very simple things we can do to make the evening safe everyone. Turn on your porch light. Move lit jack-o-lanterns off the […][More]

    From Streets to Shelter

    Even though we provide millions of dollars for supportive housing, according to the One Night Count last January 3,123 people remain on our streets county-wide, without permanent shelter. This is a public health and public safety crisis–for those who are unsheltered and for everyone in the community. I heard powerful testimony from those who attended […][More]

    Sawant to Host Budget Town Hall for the People

    City of Seattle FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: 10/29/2014

    Sawant to Host Budget Town Hall for the People

    SEATTLE - Councilmember Kshama Sawant will host a People's Budget Town Hall this Thursday evening and be joined by representatives from the King County Labor Council, Casa Latina, the Low Income Housing Institute, the Transit Riders Union, Seattle Displacement Coalition, Washington Federation of State Employees Local 304, Puget Sound Advocates for Retired Action (PSARA), 15 Now, Socialist Alternative and others.  

    The People's Budget Town Hall is intended for ordinary people and community organizations to provide public testimony and identify what they require from the City budget process to ensure their most basic needs are met.  The People’s Budget Town Hall will include presentations from coalition members on critical needs such as affordable housing, mass transit and social support.

    People’s Budget Town Hall hosted by Councilmember Kshama Sawant

    Seattle City Hall, Council Chambers
    600 Fourth Ave, 2nd Floor
    Seattle, WA 98104

    Thursday, October 30, 6:00 - 8:00 p.m.

    Councilmembers are invited to participate and members of the public are encouraged to attend

    Note -- Somali language interpreters, assisted listening devices and childcare providers are available on-site.

    Sawant invites the public to join the discussion and add their voice to the conversation about what a People's Budget should involve and how to create living wage jobs, quality affordable housing and essential services for all.  Referring to the recent Chamber of Commerce retreat attended by five Councilmembers and the Mayor, Sawant said, "No wonder that every year we get the same business as usual budget. Big business has three days of lavish, unfettered access to City officials so they can craft a budget that fulfills their wishes. Meanwhile, working people, human service providers and others unrepresented by the establishment have two public hearings and a few minutes each to beg for leftover crumbs."

    "When it comes to crafting the City’s budget, a majority of the Council, the Mayor, the County Executive and leadership in this town are stuck in business as usual thinking. We need new thinking and new policies to raise the necessary revenues from the wealthy and big corporations to fund the social needs facing Seattle," Sawant concluded.

    [View in Council Newsroom]


    Action Summary, 10/27/14

    Action Summary of the Seattle City Council Full Council Meeting Monday, October 27, 2014   No committee reports were presented at today’s meeting.[More]

    Smart on Crime

    I am focused on creating safe, equitable programs in our criminal justice system. As a former King County Prosecuting Attorney, I’ve seen how alternatives to long jail time can change lives. These alternatives are also cost effective for the taxpayer. We on the City Council have been discussing “alternatives to incarceration” as research comes in demonstrating their effectiveness. I support these […][More]

    Musings on Transparency, Accountability, and the Public Benefit of Conferences

    This week, after reading of my attendance at the Seattle Chamber of Commerce Retreat in the local media, a constituent sent me a quote of mine from 1998: “It’s not a novelistic imagery…When some of the big projects done recently have been criticized, it’s usually been a last-minute kamikaze effort…We don’t have a conspiracy world […][More]

    Councilmember Sawant in Solidarity with Activists Rallying Today Against SHA’s ‘Stepping Forward’ Proposal

    City of Seattle FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: 10/24/2014

    Councilmember Sawant in Solidarity with Activists Rallying Today Against SHA’s 'Stepping Forward' Proposal

    SEATTLE - Councilmember Kshama Sawant issued the following statement regarding today’s protest against the Seattle Housing Authority's (SHA's) "Stepping Forward" proposal. The protest is organized by Tenants United Against Stepping Forward, a group of tenants and housing justice activists who are bringing their struggle to City Hall. The proposal would increase rents for low-income residents by 430% over the next six years for a family living in a two bedroom house.

    "I stand in solidarity will all those who are fighting to defend and expand affordable housing in this city, and I strongly support the demands being put forward by Tenants United Against Stepping Forward. These demands include scrapping Stepping Forward entirely, appointing tenant activists to the Mayor’s Housing Affordability and Livability Advisory Committee, and ensuring that there is a voice for tenants in the SHA Board of Commissioner’s appointment process.

    "The tenants' protests have already been effective. The City Council has sent a unanimous letter opposing Stepping Forward. Five of the seven SHA board members must be appointed by the Mayor and approved by the Council in the next six months. I urge the Mayor and Councilmembers to join me in signing a proclamation pledging to only appoint or confirm individuals who oppose Stepping Forward and who have a proven track record of housing advocacy for low-income people."

    Today's protest, organized by Tenants United Against Stepping Forward, will begin at 3 p.m. in Seattle City Hall’s lobby at 600 4th Avenue, Seattle, WA 98104.

    [View in Council Newsroom]


    Where to go when you gotta go

    I’ve been hearing concerns from many that our downtown public spaces feel unwelcoming. As someone who lives and works downtown, I am committed to creating a civic center that is safe, healthy and welcoming to all. I’m working on several ideas including making it easier to access a restroom for everyone who lives, works and […][More]

    Letters from Second Grade

    This week I visited a 2nd grade classroom in my neighborhood to talk to them about life in the city. They each wrote letters to me expressing their concerns. Here are a few of them: Dear Councilman Burgess, I am...[More]

    Artists and Vacant Buildings?

    I came across the article, below, on today, written by Rachel Belle, that I found interesting enough to share with you. In a related effort, I’m working to convince developers to buy visual art from local artists as amenities for new apartment buildings and condos. Look for an update on my progress in a […][More]