Tanya Woo appointed to fill vacancy on Seattle City Council

Seattle City Councilmember Tanya Woo after being appointed to the Council.

The Seattle City Council voted today to appoint Tanya Woo to fill the vacant position on the Council.

“I am so grateful, honored, and very humbled. I pledge to serve everyone in the city. I especially want to thank all of those amazing people who I’ve been friends with before we were chosen to be in the top eight,” said Councilmember Woo (Position 8 – Citywide) during the meeting.

Woo continued, “I want to build a sense of unity, collaboration, and communication. My door is open. Please come and visit, and let me know how I can help.

“I want to congratulate and welcome Councilmember Woo to the City Council. We are excited about completing the process, and we’re ready to get to work,” said Council President Sara Nelson.

Councilmember Woo will serve in Position 8, which represents the entire city. The position was formerly held by Teresa Mosqueda, who resigned on January 3 after being elected to the King County Council.

Councilmember Woo will chair the Sustainability, City Light, Arts, and Culture committee. She will also serve as the Vice Chair of the Libraries, Education, and Neighborhoods Committee and as a member of the Housing and Human Services, Land Use, and Transportation Committees

The appointment begins immediately. It will last until November, when voters will elect someone to continue serving in the position through 2025.

For more information on the vacancy process, visit the Council Vacancy webpage.