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Tag: Environment

Motion to Consider Limited Fossil Fuel Divestment Passes

The intent is to do only what’s responsible to the pension-system and t0 those invested in it, using the most cost-efficient timing.

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Green Seattle Day 2014

Thank you, everyone who volunteered during the 9th Annual Green Seattle Day this past Saturday! I joined almost 200 people to plant nearly 1000 native trees and shrubs in our Cheasty Forest. The Cheasty volunteers had  removed mountains of ivy and other invasives over the past year and Saturday was the fun part — planting the […]

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Letters from Second Grade

This week I visited a 2nd grade classroom in my neighborhood to talk to them about life in the city. They each wrote letters to me expressing their concerns. Here are a few of them: Dear Councilman Burgess, I am…

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Recycling — yard waste, paper, plastics, metals and now — food waste.

I have had many conversations this past week about the City’s new compost requirements.  Friends and strangers alike are asking, ” Why are we doing this?” The answer simply is that we are on the vanguard of recycling, and over two decades ago we set a goal for ourselves of recycling over 60% by 2015 and up to […]

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The Rapid Evolution of Transportation

New technologies are revolutionizing transportation in Seattle and elsewhere. It is becoming easier and easier to live, work, shop, learn and play in the city without owning a car, a change that makes Seattle more affordable as car ownership carries…

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Council Passes Resolutions about Investing in Fossil Fuels and the Civil Rights Act of 1964

Today the Council voted on two resolutions that I had the privilege of sponsoring.  Below are short summaries on both. I. Resolution 31525 Resolution 31525 strengthens the City’s commitment to greenhouse gas reductions by formalizing the City’s policy begun under the previous administration to not invest the City’s cash pool in corporations and other entities […]

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Urban Politics #351: Fair Funding for Metro Transit

Can the regressive sales tax increase in the Mayor’s proposed Metro funding plan be avoided?

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Final Vote on Taxis, TNCs

Today the Full Council voted to pass a bill that places new regulations on emerging app-based transportation network companies (TNCs) like UberX, Lyft and Sidecar. The legislation places important and necessary safety regulations around these new services, including insurance requirements…

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Vote on Taxis, Caps for App-Based Transportation Network Companies

Update: the Full Council vote has been rescheduled for Monday, March 17. This evening the City Council voted in committee to expand the number of licensed drivers who can drive for app-based transportation network companies (TNCs) like UberX and Lyft….

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Thoughts on Taxis, Flat-Rate For-Hires and App-Based Car Services

The intensity of the debate about regulations for taxis, flat-rate for-hire vehicles and app-based services like UberX and Lyft has been rivalled only by its complexity. With a meeting this morning on this issue, and a final vote coming soon,…

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