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2nd grade lettersThis week I visited a 2nd grade classroom in my neighborhood to talk to them about life in the city. They each wrote letters to me expressing their concerns. Here are a few of them:

Dear Councilman Burgess, I am concerned about car break-ins. One day my family went out for dinner. When we came back, there was a big hole in the car window. My dad was upset that he lost his work backpack. I was so scared.

Dear Councilmen Burgess, Hi! I am 7 years old. And I am concerned about drugs. This year I have been seeing a lot of drugs. I HATE DRUGS! And I also am concerned about cars and speeding. We almost got in an accident a couple of days ago. Also, I hate trash. It can make animals sick. I am worried about animals especially the ones in the water. Can the city help?

Dear Councilman Burgess, I am concerned about littering. One day I was walking my dog with my Mom and I said “Mom I see cans in the bushs.” I said do I pick it up? She said no because it could have germs. I want less litter in Seattle.

Dear Councilman Burgess, I am concerned about car break ins. One day my mom was doing my hair. Then we heard weird sounds. My mom thought it was my dad in the bathroom but it was someone breaking into our car.