Author: Tim Burgess (Tim Burgess)


Lake Union Streetcar Use Soaring

This morning, the Council's Transportation Committee approved (3-0) and sent to the full Council an ordinance that accepts $65,000 from South Lake Union employers who want to "buy" more operating hours for the South Lake Union Streetcar during the afternoon/early...


Roadblocks to Prison Reform

Michelle Alexander strikes a cord in this piece in The New York Times. Money and vested interests block real reform of our mass incarceration senselessness. I especially like Alexander's reference to the Martin Luther King's 1963 Letter from a Birmingham...


Police Discipline for Westlake Incident

Police Chief John Diaz announced his disciplinary decision related to the Westlake incident and Detective Shandy Cobane earlier this afternoon. Chief Diaz suspended the detective for 30 days which is the maximum discipline he can impose short of termination. We...