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Police Chief John Diaz announced his disciplinary decision related to the Westlake incident and Detective Shandy Cobane earlier this afternoon. Chief Diaz suspended the detective for 30 days which is the maximum discipline he can impose short of termination. 

We set a very high bar for the conduct and professionalism of our officers. The actions of Detective Cobane during the incident in question did not meet that standard of conduct.

There must be consequences when standards are not met and the Chief’s decision to suspend the detective for 30 days is appropriate. I am particularly encouraged that the department and Detective Cobane will take additional steps toward restorative justice.

Detective Cobane has a long and good record of service in our city. He has publicly acknowledged his mistake. He has agreed to work in the community and learn the power of respectful collaboration. He can now move forward from this incident and play an important role in educating his peers. The entire department can and must use this opportunity to repair and rebuild its relationships with the community.

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