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Take Action Right Now

The temperament and character of Mr. Trump are on full display; it’s not pretty or comforting. In fact, it’s downright scary.

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Repeal the Death Penalty

Yesterday, Gov. Inslee, Attorney General Ferguson, former Attorney General McKenna, and several Democrat and Republican legislators announced they would introduce legislation repealing Washington’s death penalty statute. I hope the legislature passes this measure; it’s long overdue. I wrote about this…

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Creating More Affordable Housing: The Right and Wrong Way

Seattle city government is on a path to create 20,000 affordable housing units over the next 10 years, the biggest surge in the supply of affordable housing we’ve ever seen in Seattle. To accomplish this ambitious goal, we placed a…

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Caring for Seattle’s Children

“Child poverty is an open sore on the American body politic. It is a moral failure for our nation that one-fifth of our children live in poverty,” so wrote Nicholas Kristof in Sunday’s New York Times. Of course, he’s right….

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Homeless Encampments: A Better Solution

Last night, I joined Mayor Murray, and Councilmembers Bagshaw and Juarez in announcing a much better solution to the challenges of ad hoc camp sites popping up across Seattle. Here’s a very brief outline of what we announced: City government…

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Homeless Encampments: An Update

It has been four weeks since my colleagues’ introduced legislation that would create a right to camp on public property throughout the city. I opposed introduction of this legislation. This photograph was taken last Friday at University Playground on Northeast…

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North Precinct: We Listened

We listened. Based on what we have heard from a wide variety of community members, and the Council’s review of the cost projections, we want to take another look at the component parts of the building and even redesign some…

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Improving Safety on Our City Streets

Councilmember O’Brien and I announced the next step in achieving Vision Zero—zero fatalities and serious injuries on Seattle streets and sidewalks by 2030. Speed kills. And that’s why we will introduce legislation that reduces default speed limit on unsigned city…

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Homeless Encampments: What Do You Think?

The City Council voted Tuesday afternoon to begin considering legislation (Council Bill 118794) that would, in my view, establish a new right for people struggling with homelessness to camp in tents or vehicles on public property across Seattle. What do…

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Why I Support Building a New Police Facility in North Seattle

The City Council will vote this afternoon on legislation advancing the proposed new police facility in north Seattle at the intersection of 130th and Aurora Avenue North and requiring additional cost analysis and community review. Here are the reasons I…

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