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Anti-Hate Resolution, Fauntleroy Boulevard project update, LGBT Commission name change, Music Commission appointments

Anti-Hate Resolution As chair of the Committee that oversees Civil Rights, I am charged with providing policy direction and oversight, and making recommendations on legislative matters related to civil rights issues.  In response to Donald Trump becoming the President-elect, there has been an increase in hate speech and acts of violence targeted at Muslims, Sikhs, […]

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Budget Wrap Up, Transgender Day of Remembrance, December 16 In-District Office Hours UPDATE, Call for Public Comment on Source of Income Discrimination

Budget Wrap Up I’ve been writing to you weekly since September with updates on the deliberations on the proposed 2017-2018 budget.  This will be my last budget update of the year because on Monday, the City Council adopted the 2017 City of Seattle budget and 2017-2022 Capital Improvement Plan. As part of the biennial budget […]

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HALA potential rezones in Urban Villages, District 1; this week in the Budget; Public comment period extended for potential bus stop shelter removals in the West Seattle Junction

HALA potential rezones in Urban Villages, District 1 On Wednesday, November 9th, from 6pm-9pm, the Department of Neighborhoods, the Office of Community Planning and Development and Councilmember Johnson’s office will host the Westwood Highland Park Urban Village Community Design Workshop at Chief Sealth High School Library, 2600 SW Thistle St. Seattle, WA 98126. This workshop […]

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Barrier Reduced for Utility Shut-off Late Payments; 2016 Seattle Public Safety Survey, The Ponderosa Pine, Next Week in the Budget, In-District Office Hours

Barrier Reduced for Utility Shut-off for Late Payments Whether because of a lay-off at work or an unexpected medical expense, Seattle City Light (SCL) and Seattle Public Utility (SPU) customers sometimes come up short when it’s time to pay their bill and face a shut-off of their utilities. When a customer receives a shut-off notice, […]

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Comprehensive Plan 2035 Community Involvement, Next week in the budget, Budget proposals

Comprehensive Plan 2035 Community Involvement On Monday the Council approved the 2035 Comprehensive Plan update. In committee, the Council approved amendments I sponsored relating to Seattle Public Utilities, Arts, Economic Development and Growth, and then this week in Full Council amendments I sponsored to the Community Involvement element were also approved. I worked with neighborhood […]

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Encampment Legislation, Next Week in the Budget, Police Accountability Legislation Submitted to Federal Judge, SOID Legislation Rulemaking Public Comment

Encampment Legislation Earlier today I sent the following e-mail to people who’ve written me about homeless encampments: Thank you for writing to me about proposed Council Bill 118794.  Like you, I care deeply how the City manages public land for use of the general public as well as how our policies impact our ability to […]

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Next Week in the Budget Process; Police Accountability Update; Green Pathways

Next Week in the Budget Process Here’s what’s coming up during the next week in the budget process. The Budget Committee will hold Department Overviews on October 7 and 10, covering the following departments: Friday, October 7, 9:30 a.m.: Human Services: Homelessness Overview Monday, October 10 9:30 a.m.: Seattle Police Department Monday, October 10, 2 […]

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2017-2018 Budget Process, West Seattle Tree Cutting Update, In-District Office Hours, Hate-Free Delridge, Landmark Status Application for Two Buildings in the West Seattle Junction

2017-2018 BUDGET PROCESS On Monday, September 26 Mayor Murray will release his proposed 2017-2018 city budget, marking the beginning of the Council’s budget process. Budget Committee Chair Burgess has announced a revised process and schedule, which will provide for enhanced public consideration of the Chair’s proposed balancing package during November. Some of the work preceding […]

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Secure Scheduling Update, Appointment of New SPU Director, SDOT report on Parking Benefit Districts, Beach Drive SW Speed Bumps, North Precinct

Secure Scheduling Update As you may recall, the deliberations about this policy started last March. Professor Susan Lambert of the University of Chicago presented on problematic scheduling practices, including an increase in the use of part-time employees, just-in-time scheduling (real time schedule adjustments), and an increase in pressure to “stay within hours” due to tight labor […]

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NCIS Update, Busking in Sound Transit Stations, Be There Rally Wednesday Morning

NCIS Update Over the weekend Seattle Public Utilities (SPU) and Seattle City Light (SCL) worked overtime to roll out the New Customer Information System (NCIS). I have written previously about this program which has been plagued by delays and cost overruns. I also held a joint special committee with Councilmember Sawant, who chairs the Energy […]

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