Author: Newell Aldrich (Newell Aldrich)


Utility Billing System Delays, Neighborhood Street Fund Deadline, and Preservation: the Missing Piece of our Housing Strategy

Delays for the New Utility Billing System The New Customer Information System (NCIS) is a joint Seattle City Light (SCL) and Seattle Public Utilities (SPU) project to replace the Consolidated Customer Service System (CCSS) – the existing SCL and SPU billing system. The CCSS supports billing and customer processes for both utilities, but fails to […]


Leading With a Public Health Response For Those Without Shelter

I’ve been hearing a variety of concerns about how the city is removing homeless encampments. We are hoping to mitigate the harm this displacement is causing and discuss how we can take a more mindful, transparent, public-health oriented approach. People experiencing homelessness themselves as well as their advocates have been sharing their frustrations over the […]


Implementing I-502 in Seattle

On Monday the Council passed legislation to allow for better citywide distribution of state-licensed marijuana stores. It’s a classic case of a citywide policy with implications throughout Seattle’s neighborhoods: currently, over half of permitted stores are in District 2 (SE Seattle and SODO) and District 5 (North Seattle), while District 1 (West Seattle and South […]