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Announcing My Resignation

Today I announce my decision to resign as Seattle City Councilmember for District 4. It has been a distinct honor and privilege to work in this capacity, representing the many different people and the great diversity of opinions that give Northeast Seattle its vibrancy. I depart City Hall feeling immensely proud of working alongside my […]

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Celebrating Victories in the 2019-2020 Budget

On Monday, November 19th my council colleagues and I held our final vote to pass the 2019-2020 City Budget. This was my third budget process, and after an incredibly busy eight weeks, I believe that this package of investments is a direct reflection of community priorities and our city values and I want to highlight […]

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A Message for My Constituents

In the wake of an exciting election night on Tuesday, many will now turn their attention to our district elections next year. With the goal of respectful transparency and a desire to hold the door open for those who might be interested in running for the District 4 seat, I am announcing that I will […]

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My Priorities for an Employee Hours Tax

No matter your view on the proposed employee hours tax, there’s a strong consensus that there is a homelessness crisis that needs to be solved. This crisis facing our city and our region is human and visible and growing. By the last count 8,522 people were experiencing homelessness in Seattle. While I continue to hear […]

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We Need a Safer 35th Ave NE

I have been hearing from many who live and work near 35th Avenue expressing both support for and concerns about the upcoming paving project. Ultimately, I still believe that the proposed changes will result in a safer corridor for everyone traveling through the neighborhood and will help allow more people to choose to walk or […]

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Celebrating Victories of the 2018-2019 Budget Process

As the chair of the Planning, Land Use & Zoning Committee and as the representative for District 4, I have heard a lot this year about ways that we can support livability as our city grows. Funding infrastructure improvements for mobility, parks, and public safety are critical to meet the needs of current and future […]

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Disappointing Setback in Progress Towards Police Accountability

I am deeply saddened and frustrated that SPD’s Force Review Board found that killing Charleena Lyles was within department policy; it is both devastating and unacceptable that our policies can lead to this kind of tragedy. There still remains an investigation by the Office of Police Accountability, and the King County Prosecutors Office will be […]

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Responding to our Homelessness Crisis

At Tuesday’s Budget Committee meeting, I brought forward an alternative to the employee hours tax. I think each of my colleagues feels heartbroken seeing our homelessness crisis continue to grow, and we agree that we must respond with increased funding. And many, if not all of us, support the package of investments that the proposed […]

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It’s Budget Season Again!

This Monday kicked off my second City budget cycle as Mayor Burgess presented his proposal to the Council (you can watch the budget speech here). Councilmembers and staff are in the initial stages of reviewing the investments detailed in the proposal, but I wanted to call out a few early budget wins and projects included […]

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Shared Vision for Magnuson Park

I’ve had some very meaningful conversations over the last month with residents and neighborhood leaders in and around Magnuson Park, city officials, and Solid Ground Administrators about changes they want to see in their community – changes that are even more important following the tragic death of Charleena Lyles.  Through these conversations, we’ve outlined a […]

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