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U District poised to reauthorize its Business Improvement Area (BIA) for cleaning, safety, marketing — and an added mission: preventing displacement of small businesses

There are 12 Business Improvement Areas (BIAs) throughout Seattle, including one in the University District. BIAs are authorized by State law and enable property owners to charge a fee to themselves to supplement cleaning, safety, and marketing to improve each neighborhood business district.

Consideration of the BIA by the City Council will be a six-week process:

  • Wednesday, May 20: Briefing and Discussion at the Community & Economic Development Committee;
  • Wednesday, May 27: another discussion at CED Committee AND a public hearing;
  • Wednesday, June 3: possible approval by CED Committee;
  • Monday, June 8: possible adoption by full City Council;
  • Friday, June 19: deadline for Mayor signature;
  • Sunday, July 19: Effective Date (if signed by Mayor June 19).

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