Sawant to Durkan: ‘Utilize Emergency Powers’, Reestablish Northlake Tiny House Village Permit

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Says eviction would be ‘unacceptable’, ‘shocking’ given danger posed by Coronavirus

 Councilmember Kshama Sawant (District 3, Central Seattle), sent a letter to Mayor Jenny Durkan today to “…follow up on the question I asked … at yesterday’s City Council meeting about urgently providing a new permit for our homeless neighbors at the Northlake Tiny House Village.”

With a permit due to expire at the end of this month, Sawant’s letter reiterates the dire situation residents of the Northlake Tiny House Village face.  In the context of the Coronavirus crisis facing our region, Sawant calls on Durkan to utilize the Executive’s emergency powers to immediately reestablish Northlake’s permit during the public health crisis people in Seattle are experiencing.

From the letter:

“…In fact, I had hoped that (the Deputy Mayor) would’ve taken the opportunity in yesterday’s Council meeting to say that, ‘of course, the Mayor’s office would be providing Nickelsville Northlake with a new one-year permit, rather than evicting them at the end of this month.’ Unfortunately, we did not receive any definite response.”


“…The City Council passed (Sawant’s) ordinance allowing up to 40 villages to be permitted. Evicting the Northlake Tiny House Village would be unacceptable in normal times, but in light of the danger posed by Coronavirus, it would be shocking.”

According to the City of Seattle Human Services Department, Tiny House Villages have been proven to be the most humane and successful shelter option to address Seattle’s homelessness crisis (which has remained in an official State of Civil Emergency since 2015). 

Earlier today, staff from Public Health – Seattle & King County announced 74 new cases of COVID-19, bringing the official case count total in King County to 190, and total number of reported deaths to 22.

In closing, Sawant invites Durkan to respond regarding “(her) plans for Northlake Tiny House Village” and “to provide them with a new permit … particularly in the context of a serious crisis.”

The letter in its entirety is available ONLINE.

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