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I am saddened, horrified, and fed up with the senseless violence we saw in Wednesdays’s shooting, and I echo the statement made by Councilmembers Lewis and Herbold today:…/councilmembers-herbold-lewi…/…

“This morning our hearts are filled with grief for the loss of life that occurred as a result of last night’s shootings.  We are deeply saddened for all of the people affected by last night’s tragedy and by the recent spate of gun violence, downtown and in other parts of the city.  

“To our first responders: Your rapid and diligent service – and willingness to risk your own lives – prevented an already-horrific situation from becoming even worse. Thank you.

“This cannot become Seattle’s new ‘normal’.  Seattle must be a place where everyone feels safe to work and play. Our downtown core is no exception and we share the safety concerns of businesses and residents alike.  The Seattle Police Department is working to grow the size of our force so police can do more proactive policing. We’ll have more to say soon about how the Council is supporting that work.  

“In the meantime, we will support continued implementation of emphasis patrols, the Community Service Officer program and other efforts that last year’s Council invested in and that we know are effective. 

“The violence our community has experienced this week must end. We call for peace, and the space and time necessary to heal.”

As this investigation continues to unfold, please check the SPD blotter for the latest updates:…/seven-people-injured-one-…/