I stand with Uber and Lyft drivers who are organizing for power and a voice!

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My office is proud to stand alongside Uber and Lyft drivers and the Seattle Rideshare Drivers Association, who are demanding that at least half of the revenues generated from Mayor Durkan’s proposed 51-cent per ride tax be used to directly benefit drivers by creating a Driver Solidarity and Resource center, to be run by drivers themselves. Our communities need affordable housing, public transportation, and workplace rights! Let’s stand with the drivers and Teamsters 117 union! Let’s unite progressives, the labor movement, and workers together to ensure creation of the Driver Solidarity and Resource Center, and fully fund affordable housing, public transit, and social services, funded by taxing big business and the wealthy.

Drivers, the Seattle Rideshare Drivers Association, and I jointly held a press conference on Oct. 8 by SeaTac Airport, where drivers described their concern that the Mayor’s plan for using the ride tax revenue falls short of solving the horrific problems that plague the rideshare industry.

They noted that many drivers are destitute – some are forced to live in their cars. Many of them are struggling with huge debts, and suicide prevention is an urgent need, as the tragic suicide of a driver earlier this month demonstrates. Drivers are subject to rate cuts and sudden, unexplained deactivation (a fancy word for firing workers) by Uber and Lyft, whose executives have reaped millions while the drivers go impoverished. These corporations are running businesses that are sweatshops on wheels.

My office plans to introduce legislation to reflect the demands of the workers themselves. And my office encourages drivers to work with the Teamsters union to ensure we win the Driver Solidarity and Resource Center!

I urge the housing justice movement, the labor movement, and movements for immigrant rights to join us in fighting alongside drivers for workplace justice!

Please watch the video excerpt of our press conference below: