Statement by the Seattle LGBTQ Commission on “Pinkwashing Exposed” Screening

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The following is an excellent statement issued by the Seattle LGBTQ Commission regarding the May 24, 2018 screening of the documentary “Pinkwashing Exposed.”


Statement from the Seattle LGBTQ Commission regarding Documentary Screening: Pinkwashing Exposed

The Seattle LGBTQ Commission has heard concerns from various individuals and organizations about our upcoming screening of the documentary Pinkwashing Exposed, and we would like to provide some additional context. The film, which is made by a Jewish filmmaker and features Jewish and Palestinian activists working together, tells a valuable story about LGBTQ activism within Seattle and provides history about the Seattle LGBTQ Commission. We are hosting the film screening as an opportunity to encourage learning and civil discourse.

Our event will feature original poetry written and performed by a Jewish-American poet, as well as a Jewish panelist and individuals from several different faith backgrounds. The Seattle LGBTQ Commission is committed to highlighting and centering experiences of individuals who are often marginalized, underrepresented or erased from public discourse. This film screening is an opportunity to invite all individuals from the Seattle community to engage in learning and discussion around information that may not be widely known, as well as provide valuable space for people to engage in dialogue about governmental practices, whether those practices be local, federal, or international.

It is worth noting that Seattle community members with diverse and intersecting backgrounds including individuals who are LGBTQ, Jewish, Palestinian, Christian, immigrants, people born and raised in Seattle and others, attended Seattle LGBTQ Commission meetings to provide public comment and request we host this film screening at City Hall. Our commission focuses on developing meaningful relationships with community members throughout Seattle.

We invite all who are interested in participating in civil conversation to attend our screening on May 24, 6-8 pm, at Seattle City Hall in the Bertha K. Landes Room. The documentary can also be viewed online for free,


Contact: Julia Ricciardi, co-chair of Seattle LGBTQ Commission, she/her pronouns,