Seattle Renters: Share Your Economic Eviction Story!

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Join Seattle’s Affordable Housing Alliance!

Fight for affordable housing, rent control, and economic eviction assistance!

Skyrocketing rents are forcing thousands of renters to move out of their homes, sometimes every year as rent increases of 10%, 50%, and higher become increasingly common. We know the cost to tenants and communities is enormous, but our stories are so often overlooked, forgotten, or ignored. My City Council office and the Affordable Housing Alliance wants to change that!

If you or someone you know has experienced economic eviction, or if you live in fear of being forced to move because of a rent hike, we want to hear your story! How have unaffordable rents and home prices impacted you, your family, friends, and/or community?

Share Your Economic Eviction Story Here

The Affordable Housing Alliance is working to build a movement of tenants to fight for massive investment in publicly owned affordable housing, a requirement that at least 25% of private sector development be affordable, and rent control.

My office and the Affordable Housing Alliance are also organizing to pass a law to provide assistance to tenants facing economic eviction. Tenants who have to move because their rent increases by 10% and who earn less than 80% AMI should receive at least $3,500 in relocation assistance. The developers and corporate landlords profiting from skyrocketing rents should pay moving costs that currently fall entirely on renters and working class communities.

Share your story! Join the Affordable Housing Alliance and the fight for economic eviction assistance and rent control!