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On May 18, 2017, my office and the Trump-Proof Seattle Coalition brought together more than 200 people for a District 3 town hall to build a movement to Tax the Rich!

For decades, poor and working class people in our state have paid far more of their income in taxes than the super-rich. Now with Trump’s billionaire-backed right-wing administration threatening massive tax breaks for corporations and the super-wealthy alongside vicious cuts to social programs for ordinary people, thousands are getting organized. We need to use this momentum by winning a tax on Seattle’s rich this year!

At the town hall, we discussed the coalition’s proposal for an income tax in Seattle. We heard from a Nickelsville Tiny House Village resident, a Seattle school teacher, Amazon security and warehouse workers, and others about how and why they are part of this united movement to tax the rich.

Activists agreed to pack City Hall for upcoming discussions (first meeting on May 31st!) and votes on the income tax ordinance, to make sure establishment Councilmembers don’t water it down. We also grappled with the challenge of building a movement strong enough to pressure the courts to uphold an income tax on the wealthy.

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