Solidarity with striking CNTE Teachers in Mexico!

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On June 24, 2016, I sent a letter (EnglishEspañol) and video statement expressing solidarity with Mexican teachers organized in the National Education Workers Coordinating Committee (CNTE), fighting against neoliberal education reforms promoted by President Peña Nieto’s brutal government, including the use of standardized tests to evaluate and justify mass firings of teachers.

Our sisters and brothers in the teachers’ union have faced extreme violence and repression, including the murder of at least twelve teachers at the hands of the police in the State of Oaxaca. Despite this, and the firing of more than 4,000 fellow teachers, the CNTE have stood strong, and their strike continues.

I stand in solidarity with their struggle, and against the harmful big business agenda being ruthlessly implemented at the national, state and local level. For more, read my letter linked above or watch my statement below.