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On May 24, 2016, the Energy & Environment Committee unanimously voted in favor of the resolution I brought forward, drafted by environmental activists from Physicians for Social Responsibility, Heart of America Northwest, and others from the anti-nuclear movement. It calls on Seattle City Light to oppose the Columbia Generating Station, the sole nuclear power plant in the Pacific Northwest, and to support replacing it with green energy.

The resolution itself is quite mild. It has compromise language to get the support of City Light’s leadership and the Mayor’s Office. It does not, itself, shut down the Columbia Generating Station. It is a tool that activists are confident they can use to put pressure on all those who decide the fate of the Columbia Generating Station, including representatives from City Light.

Join us on Tuesday, 5/31, at 2pm in City Hall when it comes to Full Council for its final vote. For more, view the public comment and the presentation and vote below.

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