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    Archive for 'Councilmember Burgess'

    April City Inside/Out: Council Edition

    This month I joined Councilmembers Godden and Harrell for Brian Callanan’s City Inside/Out Seattle Channel Show. We talked about minimum wage enforcement, filling the Council vacancy, encampments, and other topics. You can watch below:

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    Transportation Progress

    Two separate efforts by the Seattle Department of Transportation that have received attention recently should be celebrated. First, the Council received an update earlier this month about the School Zone Traffic Safety Cameras. Nine Seattle schools currently have these cameras…

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    Preparing for Preschool

    The following article was sent out in my City View Newsletter, which you can sign up to receive here. Every child in our city deserves a strong and fair start. The Seattle City Council took another step today to provide…

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    Help Wanted: Councilmember

    Councilmember Sally J. Clark announced this morning that she will step down from her position on the City Council effective 5:00 p.m. Sunday, April 12, to take on a new challenge at the University of Washington. Here is the statement…

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    Seattle Channel Panel Discussion on Preschool

    The Seattle Channel’s City Inside/Out program has a new show on the implementation of the Seattle Preschool Program. I joined host Brian Callanan on a panel that included School Board Director Stephan Blandford, Jonathan Knapp of the Seattle Education Association,…

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    Hearing from Preschool Providers

    Yesterday at my Council committee a panel of preschool providers spoke to us about their programs, the children they serve, and some of the elements that make their classrooms high-quality. It is always good to hear from those working directly…

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    Good News: Lower Property Tax Rate in 2015

    Seattle property owners may notice some good news in their recently received 2015 tax rate: overall, it is $9.27 per $1,000 of assessed value, a 10% decrease from the 2014 rate. And if you look only at the City’s portion…

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    New Police Command Staff

    Chief O’Toole has taken a significant step toward rebuilding the public’s trust and confidence in our Police Department in the hiring of four new assistant police chiefs and a new chief technology officer. It’s a bold step. A very correct…

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    Preschool Implementation

    My committee received a briefing yesterday morning on the Mayor’s Implementation Plan for the Seattle Preschool Program. While the Council approved the structure and foundations of the program last summer (and these elements were affirmed by voters in November), there…

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    Death Penalty Repeal Receives Hearing in Olympia

    This morning the House Judiciary Committee of the Washington State Legislature held a hearing on HB 1739, legislation that would repeal the death penalty in favor of a sentence of life in prison. As I’ve written previously, the death penalty…

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