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    Archive for 'Councilmember Burgess'

    Microhousing Regulations Move Forward

    On Tuesday the Council’s land use committee passed a new set of regulations for microhousing, providing an avenue for small living units to be designed and built in a safe, healthy, predictable and affordable way. In crafting these regulations, the... [Full Post]

    A New Department of Education and Early Learning

    This afternoon Mayor Murray unveiled his framework for a new Department of Education and Early Learning in city government. I fully support this move and will work for its inclusion in the City’s 2015 budget. The City Council called for... [Full Post]

    Night Out Against Crime

    Tomorrow night is the annual Night Out Against Crime, where block parties around the city bring neighbors together and strengthen community efforts to prevent crime. The police department reports that more than 1,400 neighborhood groups organized for Night Out last... [Full Post]

    A Good and Honorable Man

    The passing of former Mayor Paul Schell this past weekend came as quite a shock because he was such an active, engaged and passionate leader. Above all, I knew Mayor Schell to be a good and honorable man. He was... [Full Post]

    City Inside/Out: Police, City Light and Marijuana

    This month's Council edition of the Seattle Channel's City Inside/Out is now online. Councilmembers Godden, Licata and I talked about the police department, City Light, and marijuana with host Brian Callanan. Take a look below: [Full Post]

    The Rapid Evolution of Transportation

    New technologies are revolutionizing transportation in Seattle and elsewhere. It is becoming easier and easier to live, work, shop, learn and play in the city without owning a car, a change that makes Seattle more affordable as car ownership carries... [Full Post]

    Study Shows Gun Violence Begets Gun Violence

    With a City Council vote in June of 2013, Seattle became the first city in the nation to fund direct research on gun safety. The Council took this action because the National Rifle Association consistently blocks research funding at the... [Full Post]

    UW Harborview Doctors Link Gun-Related Hospitalizations to Future Injuries, Crime and Death

    FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: 7/7/2014 Council President Tim Burgess UW Harborview Doctors Link Gun-Related Hospitalizations to Future Injuries, Crime and Death Study Funded by City Council Pinpoints Where to Focus Violence Prevention Efforts SEA... [Full Post]

    Public Campaign Finance Statement

    Consistent with my earlier blog post on this topic, I shared the following statement at the Full Council meeting this afternoon explaining my vote to not move forward a public campaign finance system this year: We face a tough choice... [Full Post]

    City Council to Vote on Seattle Preschool Program

    The following article was sent out in my City View Newsletter, which you can sign up to receive here. It’s not very often that local elected officials get to advance public policy with the potential to change our society so... [Full Post]