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    Wanted: Smart, Transparent, Fair, and Adequate Tax Policy

    Washington State’s tax system is terribly unfair. Our lowest income households pay a higher percentage of their income in taxes than do our highest income households. This is wrong. Don’t believe it? Read all about it here and here. It…

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    SPD Found in “Initial Compliance” on Use of Force

    The monitoring team overseeing Seattle’s progress toward compliance with the federal court order related to Constitutional policing has found “initial compliance” with the use of force requirements. “The Monitor finds that overall use of force by the SPD is down…

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    More Taxes: Fair and Effective?

    To do better for the people of Seattle we can raise more revenue, or, alternatively, we could shift funds from underperforming programs to those that in fact do better. Alas, we almost always go for more revenue. Our property tax…

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    Defending the Rule of Law

    Over the past couple of weeks, it has been suggested that Seattle police officers should not be present at “anti-Trump protests” or instances of nonviolent civil disobedience. Further, the idea has been raised that police officers should be deployed to…

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    University District Rezone Adopted by Council

    Tuesday afternoon, the Council unanimously approved the U District rezone which is part of the city government’s effort to increase density and housing affordability in our urban centers and villages, such as the U District. I voted in favor of…

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    Why We Need a Center for Public Media

    We could sit back and watch as our media voices are consumed by the economic forces wreaking havoc on our traditional media and our president pursues his vindictive and destructive attacks on journalists. Or, through city government we can do our part to make sure we have many thriving, independent, objective, and fact-based media voices in Seattle.

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    Take Action Right Now

    The temperament and character of Mr. Trump are on full display; it’s not pretty or comforting. In fact, it’s downright scary.

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    Repeal the Death Penalty

    Yesterday, Gov. Inslee, Attorney General Ferguson, former Attorney General McKenna, and several Democrat and Republican legislators announced they would introduce legislation repealing Washington’s death penalty statute. I hope the legislature passes this measure; it’s long overdue. I wrote about this…

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    Creating More Affordable Housing: The Right and Wrong Way

    Seattle city government is on a path to create 20,000 affordable housing units over the next 10 years, the biggest surge in the supply of affordable housing we’ve ever seen in Seattle. To accomplish this ambitious goal, we placed a…

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    Caring for Seattle’s Children

    “Child poverty is an open sore on the American body politic. It is a moral failure for our nation that one-fifth of our children live in poverty,” so wrote Nicholas Kristof in Sunday’s New York Times. Of course, he’s right….

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