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    The Importance of Naming

    Sometimes it is important to identify things, to name them, to call them out. Naming allows us to remember. It gives us a reference point, focuses our attention. The Orlando attack very early in the morning on June 12 on…

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    More Tragedy, More Inaction

    Tragedy struck our country early yesterday morning in Orlando, Florida. Forty-nine people killed in an attack on that city’s LGBTQ community, dozens more injured. This was a hate crime and an act of domestic terrorism, just like the mass shooting…

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    Short Term Rental Regulations: Details and Next Steps

    Last week Mayor Murray and I announced proposed regulations for short term rentals. We have taken a balanced approach that recognizes the benefits platforms like Airbnb or VRBO create for Seattle residents, while also attempting to curb the growing commercialization…

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    Two Cities, Two Children, Two Very Different Paths

    The following article was sent out in my City View Newsletter, which you can sign up to receive here. Ella is three months old, a firstborn child. She lives with her family in Seattle zip code 98118 in the Rainier…

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    Youth Voice, Youth Choice Vote Week Starts Tomorrow

    Last year the City launched a youth-focused participatory budgeting process, where Seattle youth will get to choose exactly how to spend $700,000 of City money. Youth delegates helped select 19 thoughtful proposals to be on the ballot, including funding for…

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    Full Council Arena Street Vacation Vote

    The Full Council did not approve the conditional street vacation of Occidental Avenue South for the proposed arena project by a vote of 4-5 yesterday (Bagshaw, Herbold, Sawant, Juarez and González voting no; Harrell, O’Brien, Johnson and myself voting yes)….

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    Full Council To Vote on Housing Levy Today

    This afternoon the Full Council will vote on an ordinance that would send a $290 million Housing Levy to voters for consideration on the August 2, 2016 Primary Election ballot. If approved, the seven-year Housing Levy will serve as the…

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    SODO Arena Street Vacation Committee Vote

    The City Council’s Transportation Committee voted 4-1 (O’Brien, Johnson, Harrell and myself voting “yes,” Bagshaw voting “no”) this week on whether or not to approve a conditional street vacation on Occidental Ave S in SODO. A street vacation is a…

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    Sound Transit 3 – Time for Feedback

    The City Council received a briefing this morning about the proposed Sound Transit 3 expansion of our regional light rail and bus network. The draft includes several large projects in Seattle, including lines to Ballard and West Seattle and a…

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    The Long Road to Effective Management of Our Police Department

    When Kathy O’Toole assumed command of the Seattle Police Department in June, 2014, she inherited a police department rife with staggering management challenges. For years, ineffective management had led to inconsistent practices, a lack of accountability, very poor tracking of…

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