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Seattle For Washington Goes to Tacoma

Pop quiz: Which Washington city is the City of Destiny? If you said Tacoma, you are correct. Tacoma was the destination for four of us last Friday as we dropped in for a quick chat on mutual priorities. The visit was part of the Council’s on-going Seattle For Washington effort to find more points of [...]


Council Sets 2012 Priorities

Council President Sally Clark has led us through a priority setting process for 2012, and the Council has identified an ambitious agenda of thirty initiatives, organized in five core priority areas.  We will all have involvement in the entire list in the course of the year.  Each Councilmember will lead on certain issues, usually those [...]


Seattle City Council President Sally J. Clark announces 2012 Council action plan

News Release:
Seattle City Councilmember Sally J. Clark announced today the 2012 Council Action Plan to achieve Seattle City Council priorities. This year the Council has identified several critical policy areas on which it will focus. President Clark provided the following statement regarding the Seattle City Council 2012 Action Plan...


Delivering on Our 2011 Priorities

During my four years as President, I led the Council through a priority setting exercise each year, designed to identify the core issues to focus on for the year.  Council President Clark plans to continue this plan.  In 2011, Councilmembers identified 17 priorities.  Here’s a report on how I think we did, from one to [...]


Council Goes to Olympia on MLK Day

On MLK Day, January 16th, a group of Councilmembers braved the threatening weather and trekked to Olympia for our first visit of the session.  Led by Council President Sally Clark, Councilmembers Tom Rasmussen, Sally Bagshaw, and I joined our Office of Intergovernmental Relations staff and split up to visit some two dozen legislators to talk [...]


Crossing the Cascade Curtain: Seattle for Washington

Yesterday I went to Olympia with fellow Councilmembers Tom Rasmussen, Richard Conlin, and Sally Clark as part of our Seattle for Washington strategy. Being in Olympia yesterday was like being inside a snow globe.  Outside, that is. Inside the Capitol Building, it was abnormally calm and quiet because of the weather forecast. We Councilmembers divided [...]


My Top Ten List for 2011

2011 was the last of my four years as Council President.  In 2012, I will Chair the Planning, Land Use, and Sustainability (PLUS) Committee, while Councilmember Sally Clark will become President for 2012-2013.  As President, my goals have been: To build a strong and assertive Council that works to create a more just and sustainable [...]


The “Seattle for Washington” Strategy

In 2010 the City Council launched a project to change the relationship between Seattle and the rest of the State.  We call this strategy ‘Seattle for Washington’.  Our goal is to reach out to local governments and state legislators around the state to emphasize the importance of Seattle to Washington – and to emphasize that [...]