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Occupy for Reform

No wonder the Occupy Wall Street protest movement, including Occupy Seattle, has captured the support of the American people. Just watch this segment from last night’s 60 Minutes on CBS regarding members of Congress using insider information to make millions....


Occupy my blog!

Like millions of people around the globe, I have had enough of the growing income inequality and social inequity that the Occupy movement has been calling out and standing up to. The extreme gap between the rich and poor, particularly in the U.S., threatens the foundations of our democracy. In a country where corporations are [...]


My message to #Occupy Seattle

This week I posted a question on Facebook, asking people what the latest protest was that they’d attended. I heard about the May Day March, the Rally for Sanity, and Occupy Wall Street. But unsurprisingly, the protest on everyone’s mind right now is #Occupy Seattle. I’ve had requests to comment on #Occupy from Facebook friends [...]