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Tag: Food Policy

Climate Neutral Blog Post 16: The Intersection of Food and Climate

As I noted in an earlier post in this series, the food system and agriculture generate somewhere between 15% and 20% of America’s carbon emissions (depending on the study and what it counts).  American food travels an average of 1500 miles from farm to plate.  Then there is the processing, storage, marketing, packaging, and shopping […]

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Seattle’s Red Barn Ranch

Did you know that the City of Seattle owns a 40 acre farm southeast of Auburn?  I didn’t until a few weeks ago – and last month I toured the property and discovered what an imaginative asset this can be for Seattle. My Local Food Action Initiative (LFAI) is designed to encourage Seattle to increase […]

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Food Policy Council and Urban Ag Forum

Local food initiatives continue to flourish in both the public and private sectors!

Creating public policy

This month marks the one-year anniversary for the Regional Food Policy Council (RFPC), our unique approach to developing a coordinated strategy to promote public policy supporting local, healthy food in our region. The RFPC is organized under the Puget Sound Regional Council (the four-county planning group for the Seattle metropolitan area), and includes some 30 representatives of government, business, labor, farm, and public interest groups.

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