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Appreciating Public Employees

Events in Wisconsin and other states threaten the rights of hard-working public employees.  On Monday, March 7 the Seattle City Council unanimously approved Resolution 31271 supporting the right of public employees to collective bargaining (essentially, the right to join and be represented by labor unions)*.  The resolution also declared March 8 as “Public Employee Appreciation [...]

Action on Local Food for 2011

As we move into the fourth year of implementation of Seattle’s Local Food Action Initiative (Resolution 31019), I plan to work on the following actions in 2011: Develop additional opportunities for expanding economic activity, marketing, and jobs in the local food economy including exploring how best to support Puget Sound Fresh. Increase connections between the [...]

2010 Another Successful Year for Action on Local Food

The Seattle City Council adopted Resolution 31019, the Local Food Action Initiative, in 2007.  Here’s what we accomplished in 2010: Declared 2010 as the Year of Urban Agriculture and organized a series of events and public engagement programs to provide resources and encourage people to grow food and increase the number of gardens in Seattle. [...]

Don’t mess with Beacon

Seattle Magazine earned the scorn of Beacon Hill residents with a recent mock love letter from a frenemy.  The writer feigns disappointment in Beacon Hill, but in an oddly condescending way. “And we had such high hopes for a special friendship… You have your very own superslick Link light rail station and are just so [...]

Utility Screening Legislation Approved

On Monday, February 28, the Council unanimously approved legislation that I sponsored to set standards for landscaping and screening for solid waste transfer stations and utility service buildings. This issue came to my attention when I was Chair of the Committee overseeing Seattle Public Utilities.  As we moved forward with a rebuild of the North [...]

Biocidade (“Biocity”) Curitiba: The Urban Forest in Curitiba, Brazil

Seattle has adopted a goal of restoring and increasing our urban forest.  We have created an Urban Forestry Commission (UFC) that is reviewing current policies and developing new approaches.  I would like to see  developed a new set of policies that will emphasize native vegetation, habitat restoration, and the benefits of trees in natural drainage.  [...]

Council Overrides Mayoral Veto on Tunnel Agreements

On Monday, February 28, the Council voted 8 to 1 to override Mayor McGinn’s veto of the agreements with the state that protect the people of Seattle during construction of the SR 99 bored tunnel.  Six votes were needed to override the veto.  The Council took our override vote at 10:44 AM, exactly ten minutes [...]

South Park Bridge Agreement Approved

On Monday, February 28, the City Council approved an Interlocal Agreement with King County that sets the timeline for the City to fulfill its $15 million commitment of funds for the replacement of the South Park Bridge.  The Council was the first entity to pledge funds for this project, and we applaud the progress that [...]

Housing Domestic Violence Survivors

The City Council identified domestic violence as one of our priority issues for 2010.  We acted on that priority in response to the Mayor’s proposed cuts in domestic violence programs in his 2011 budget.  The Council unanimously voted to restore Victim Advocate positions in the Seattle Police Department, and funding for the treatment of indigent [...]

Excellence through honest self-reflection

A few weeks ago I wore my Seattle Police Department sweatshirt at the City Hall Open House.  I bought it last fall on a sunny day at the SW Precinct community picnic. The precinct parking lot and sidestreet were packed with neighbors and officers who work together day in and day out to make life [...]

Carbon Neutral Seattle, Blog Post 10: How to Adapt

The climate is already changing and will keep changing no matter how rapidly we are able to turn around greenhouse gas accumulation.  So we will need a strategy of adaptation to the expected impacts, which were reviewed in the previous post.  Here is what Seattle is doing. The outstanding example of the City’s work to [...]

Recession Resources for Seattle Residents

Help with Employment, Housing, Human Services, Debt Relief and Foreclosure Need Help With: Housing Your Money Jobs Families Small Business Other resources: Washington Information Network 2-1-1 Resolution 31135 City Council Approves 19-Part Action Plan to Promote Economic Recovery – Press Release Housing Foreclosure Find information about Seattle’s Foreclosure Prevention program Access free, effective help to avoid foreclosure using foreclosure counseling...