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Recession Resources for Seattle Residents

Help with Employment, Housing, Human Services, Debt Relief and Foreclosure Need Help With: Housing Your Money Jobs Families Small Business Other resources: Washington Information Network 2-1-1 Resolution 31135 City Council Approves 19-Part Action Plan to Promote Economic Recovery – Press Release Housing Foreclosure Find information about Seattle’s Foreclosure Prevention program Access free, effective help to avoid foreclosure using foreclosure counseling...

Neptune to rise again

I know the Neptune’s future may be bright as a live performance venue under Seattle Theater Group’s new guidance, but I’m sad to see the Neptune movie theater go to Davy Jones’ locker.  Like a lot of other UW students over the years I sat under the gaze of the blue-eyed Neptune masks waiting for [...]

Making a tough job tougher

I get a few newsletters in the mail and via email.  They’re often the best sources for what’s going on in a neighborhood or within an organization.  That can be true of the Seattle Police Guild’s Guardian newsletter, but the Guardian can also, from time to time, serve as a tool for people whose aim [...]

We don’t say thank you enough

I just did a cool thing with Mayor McGinn. We sat around the table in the Norman B. Rice Conference Room and thanked the City staff, architects, builders and other advocates who helped shape the changes to the low-rise portion of the Multi-Family Code. This was the big, complex re-write of the rules for low-scale [...]

It had to be THAT building

Washington State Department of Transportation announced yesterday that they will propose demolishing the Western Building in Pioneer Square due concerns the building is already too structurally weak to withstand any settlement or vibrations from tunnel boring. Out of the 300-some buildings reviewed along the potential tunnel routes, it had to be the one with the [...]

The Killing

That headline makes it sound like this will be a super serious blog post about the need to end urban violence.  And we should end urban violence.  Also, I should lead off 2011 with some sort of serious, tone-setting blog post about the challenges in the year ahead. Instead this post is about television. About [...]

No vaping inside the bar

What’s vaping, you ask? That’s the lingo for users of electronic cigarettes.  Instead of smoking users of e-cigarettes vape. At the King County Board of Health meeting today we voted to regulate this new world of electronic cigarettes much like we regulate the world of old-fashioned cigarettes.  No selling e-cigs to minors, no distributing coupons [...]

Finished with the low-rise code

I learned a ton, we had great conversations about goals and philosophies of city development, and I think we built a great package of changes, but I’m glad to be done with the low-rise portion of the City’s Multi-Family Code.  We won’t know for a few years if we succeeded on all counts, but I [...]


Last Friday afternoon the Clark office slipped out of City Hall and over to the Seattle Animal Shelter (2061 15th Ave. W. in the Interbay neighborhood just a mile south of the Ballard Bridge, 386-PETS, for a couple of hours of volunteering.  We’ve volunteered as a team a couple of times before both as [...]