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Comin’ home, baby

Some people scoff a bit at Councilmember Nick Licata’s practice of starting Housing, Human Services, Health & Culture Committee meetings with poetry and, more recently, film clips. Critics see it as fluff, not the real work of a legislative body. I like it, though. The city is more than memos, briefings, policy and budgets. The [...]

Citywide Business Advocacy Team Formed

In response to the Council’s Statement of Legislative Intent 24-1-A-1, approved as part of the 2011 Budget Ordinance, on May 17 eight City Departments reported to my Regional and Sustainable Development Committee that they have signed a Memorandum of Agreement to establish a Citywide Business Advocacy Team (CBAT).  The goal of the CBAT is to [...]

Nutrition and Scholl Performance

Evidence is clear that healthy eating and active living make a difference in academic performance.  Unfortunately, our young people are too often caught in the poor nutrition and inactive lifestyle mode that is fueling our obesity epidemic.  Schools are beginning to understand that improving the classroom is not enough — there are important steps to [...]

Seawall Design Alternatives Completed

Replacing the seawall that protects downtown Seattle is a complex project, but it has now moved one step closer to construction as the City has completed defining the range of alternatives that will go into the Draft Environmental Impact Statement.  The two alternatives bracket the options, from a relatively lower cost project that provides basic [...]

Antioch Seattle Triumphs in Recyclemania!

In only its second year of participation in the competition, Antioch University Seattle (AUS) surpassed its 2010 record by winning second place nationally in Recyclemania’s Grand Champion category.   AUS competed with 287 other schools in various categories, and also came in third in Waste Minimization. RecycleMania is a friendly competition and benchmarking tool for college [...]

Healthy Vending Machines? Yes, Says Board of Health!

On Thursday, April 21, the Board of Health of Seattle-King County (BOH) adopted a set of guidelines for getting healthier food choices into vending machines.  The guidelines are not binding on either the vending machine owners or those who contract with them, but are designed to set a path and give guidance and direction to [...]

Do NOT do this

Yes, people are hurting as they seek to survive the slow, job-weak recovery from recession.  However, do not steal and do not steal copper from a live transformer. FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: April 28, 2011 CONTACT: Scott Thomsen, Phone: 206-615-0978 BOLD THIEVES RISK DEATH TO STEAL COPPER FROM ENERGIZED TRANSFORMER Vandals Cut Down Utility Pole with [...]

Legislativepalooza April 25: Sodo Zoning – Wage Theft – Chihuly

On Monday, April 25, the City Council met for over two hours, and unanimously approved three major pieces of legislation – reflecting the wide range of issues that we deal with as a Council.  The SODO zoning legislation is designed to encourage good development while protecting the character of our South Downtown neighborhoods.  A new [...]

Technology Saves Money!

The City Clerk is required to post a number of legal notices, including about all legislation approved by the Council.  Some types of legislation are required to be printed in full in a “daily newspaper of general circulation”, to be selected by competitive bid.  Over time, the two requirements had evolved into the policy of [...]

Economic Recovery Initiative Launched by Council

On Monday, April 18, the Council unanimously adopted Resolution 31282, which outlines guiding principles, key priorities and actions for achieving economic renewal and development in Seattle.  Our goal is to use this action plan to advance City and regional recovery, as the recession wears on.  In previous recessions, Seattle has lagged behind the national recovery [...]

Council to Address Gaps in City-Provided Homeless Services

Over the past two years, homelessness in Seattle has decreased by 15 percent – an extraordinary achievement in the face of this recession, and a testament to the success of the Seattle community’s ‘Ten Year Plan to End Homelessness’.  Of the 1,753 people found outdoors rather than in shelters in the 2011 One-Day Count, many [...]