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Artists and Vacant Buildings?

I came across the article, below, on MyNorthwest.com today, written by Rachel Belle, that I found interesting enough to share with you. In a related effort, I’m working to convince developers to buy visual art from local artists as amenities for new apartment buildings and condos. Look for an update on my progress in a […]

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Urban Politics #349: A Seattle Park District

I proposed changes to the Council’s Seattle Park District legislation that call for a more diverse citizen oversight committee and increased funding for recreation programs.

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Cultural Space Symposium

Apply by January 22, 2014 to the Cultural Development Certification RFP issued by the City’s arts office, calling for a certification program analogous to existing certifications for LEED.

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Arts Commission Budget Comments

The Seattle Arts Commission has submitted its comments regarding the Office of Arts & Culture’s (OAC) 2014 proposed budget.

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April Council Edition: SLU, affordable housing, marijuana zoning, and more

Check out the April episode of Council edition, where I appear with Council President Clark and Councilmember O’Brien. We discuss South Lake Union zoning, affordable housing, marijuana zoning, apodments, bus service funding, and more:

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Seattle Schools Launches City-Wide Arts Education

Seattle Public Schools admits it has not been providing equitable arts access to their students. Now, they are launching a new city-wide arts ed program to remedy that.

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Magnuson Park Bldg. 11 Dispute Resolved

Now that Building 11 at Magnuson Park is returning to City control, I hope to see some of the working artists that left be welcomed back.

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2013 Words’ Worth Curators

Words’ Worth is the Seattle City Council poetry program I began in 1998. I do believe it’s the only program of its kind in the nation, if not the world. Rather than selecting poets myself, I recruit a notable local literary artist or two to curate a number of poets who will read at the […]

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Neighborhood Murals

Increasingly, our City’s murals are falling victim to taggings so relentless they overwhelm a neighborhood’s ability to remove them within the 10 days required by the City. Can the organization Urban Artworks come to the rescue?

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Morning and Afternoon Committee Highlights

It’s a full day today starting with my attendance at Councilmember Conlin’s PLUS (Planning, Land Use, and Sustainability) Committee and in the afternoon chairing my HHSHC (Housing, Human Services, Health, and Culture Committee) meeting.

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