Author: Clay Showalter (Clay Showalter)


Kshama Sawant – 15 Months Later, Alaska Airlines is Still Refusing to Pay $15/hr

On February 19 2015, I attended a pretrial rally in defense of workers and fellow organizers who are standing up to Alaska Airlines and the corporation’s refusal to follow the law and pay workers the $15/hour minimum wage SeaTac voters approved more than fifteen months ago. I was proud to stand and speak with my fellow “jail mates,” […]


Solidarity with the Seattle University Adjunct Walkout!

Last Monday, I sent out the following letter in solidarity with Seattle University’s Adjunct Professors who are walking out to demand better working conditions and defend their right to organize. Join the walkout this Wednesday!    February 16th, 2015 Dear Seattle University Adjunct Professors, As a member of both the Seattle City Council and the […]


Solidarity Statement – Stop the Lockouts of Port Workers

I am disgusted by the Pacific Maritime Association’s (PMA) attempt to bully workers on the West Coast by suspending port activity last weekend, and again today. This temporary lockout is only the latest in a string of destructive negotiating tactics by the bosses, causing shipments to be delayed up and down the West Coast. To […]