Councilmember Rivera’s Amendment Passes

New amendment calls for comprehensive reporting from OPCD on its Equitable Development Initiative (EDI)

At today’s City Council meeting, Councilmember Maritza Rivera’s amendment relating to the EDI program passed 8-1.

The amendment calls for Office of Planning and Community Development (OPCD) to deliver a detailed report on how Equitable Development Initiative (EDI) will ensure successful completion of its 56 ongoing projects. The program remains fully funded, receiving approval of more than $50 million in carry forward, and $23.5 million in 2024 funding.

“As I said last week, the ongoing EDI projects were never at risk,” said Rivera. “But I understand that stakeholders needed a strong message of support for the program.”

“My original amendment came about because I noticed such a large carry forward request – over $50 million in unspent funds – for one program,” she added.

“I take seriously the promises the city makes to community and will always ask the tough questions in support of these commitments,” Rivera said.