Seattle City Council to hold final public hearing on 2024 Transportation Levy renewal

Seattle Bike Lane

The Select Committee on the 2024 Transportation Levy will host its second and final public hearing on the levy renewal at 4:30 PM tomorrow at Seattle City Hall.

The Select Committee is chaired by Seattle City Councilmember Rob Saka (District 1). It is tasked with reviewing and amending the levy proposal before it’s sent to voters this November.

Chair Saka’s proposal

On Friday, Chair Saka announced his initial proposed changes to the levy. That proposal includes:

  • Additional funding to prioritize safety, enhance Seattle’s economy, and better protect our climate;
  • Increased accountability by adding stronger oversight of levy spending; and
  • Measures to limit the cost impacts of the levy on some vulnerable groups, like qualified seniors, people with disabilities, and disabled veterans.

You can find more information about Chair Saka’s proposal in this memo.

How to participate

Community members can participate in the hearing both in person and virtually. For more information on doing so, visit our Public Comment webpage.

Tomorrow morning, before the hearing, the Select Committee will have a separate meeting at 9:30 AM. The complete committee schedule is listed below:

The schedule for the committee can be found below:

  • May 7, 10:30 AM | Committee Meeting
  • May 21, 10:30 AM | Committee Meeting
  • May 21, 4:30 PM | Public Hearing
  • June 4, 9:30 AM | Committee Meeting
  • June 4, 4:30 PM | Public Hearing
  • June 18, 9:30 AM | Committee Meeting
  • July 2, 9:30 AM | Committee Meeting

For more information about the committee, visit the committee’s webpage.