Seattle Councilmember Morales joins coalition calling for ceasefire, end of human rights abuses in Israel/Palestine

Seattle City Councilmember Tammy J. Morales (District 2 – South Seattle) will join a diverse coalition of Jewish, Muslim, and Christian faith leaders, elected officials, and advocates to release a Washington Statement in Solidarity with Jews and Palestinians today calling for an end to the violence and human rights abuses in Gaza.

Councilmember Morales will attend a press conference and multifaith gathering at the Henry M. Jackson Federal Building in Seattle at 11 AM today. Ahead of that event, she released the following statement:

“Every level of government must come together to fight hate in all its forms in Gaza, the West Bank, Israel, and right here in Seattle. Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere. Today, I am joining a slate of fellow elected officials, Washington State faith leaders, and community advocates in calling for an immediate ceasefire, a return of hostages, and a rush of humanitarian aid into Gaza. 

I am outraged by the October 7th terror attack on civilians by Hamas. My heart breaks for the 240 people who are still being held hostage, the death of 1200 Israelis, and for the rise of antisemitism we’ve seen across the globe. Antisemitism in Seattle is also on the rise. Two weeks ago, my temple received a package of suspicious white powder in the mail along with four other temples across the City. 

At the same time, I am outraged and heartbroken by the continued oppression and killing of Palestinian civilians by the Israeli government. More than 11,000 people have been killed, one out of every 200 people in Gaza. Nearly 5,000 of those are children. This violence is indiscriminate and senseless, and these violations of human rights must end now.

As a Jewish elected leader, I have been meeting with advocates from both our Muslim and Jewish communities over the past few weeks. The rise in hate we are seeing is frightening and unacceptable. As we raise our voices in support of human rights abroad, we also need to do more to confront the growing Islamophobia and antisemitism here at home.

To our Jewish and Muslim neighbors in Seattle, thank you for being part of our community. To our Palestinian and Israeli neighbors in Seattle, we are better because you are here. Together, we mourn the senseless, unjustifiable loss of civilian life over the past month. Our city stands with you and will not allow hate to find a home in our city.”