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Councilmembers Herbold, Lewis introduce ‘PayUp’ legislation to protect app-based workers

The bill would ensure app-based workers earn a minimum compensation, protect transparency, and increase flexibility 

Lisa Herbold (District 1 – West Seattle/South Park) and Andrew J. Lewis (District 7 – Pioneer Square to Magnolia) will join Working Washington and Seattle Restaurants United on Thursday to discuss the first in a suite of bills called “PayUp” focused on labor standards protections for app-based workers. 

The bill, formally introduced in Council yesterday, sets minimum compensation standards, transparency in employment terms, and flexibility in employment issues for app-based workers. It’s long past time that these workers receive Seattle minimum wage plus compensation for business expenses including the miles they travel as part of their jobs. Find more information here.  This bill is the result of nearly a year of engagement with stakeholders including drivers and the companies with whom they work. Engagement thus far has included over a dozen large-format stakeholder meetings and three public meetings in the Seattle City Council’s Public Safety and Human Services Committee.  Discussion of the introduced bill will begin at the April 12 Public Safety and Human Services committee.

Email jesse.franz2@seattle.gov for more information about attending.

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