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Statement from Councilmember Herbold as concrete deliveries to West Seattle Bridge resume 

A concrete delivery to West Seattle Bridge on April 5, 2022 // SDOT

SEATTLE – Councilmember Lisa Herbold (District 1, West Seattle) issued the following statement as concrete deliveries to the West Seattle Bridge resumed early this morning allowing crews to continue repairs that had been delayed by ongoing labor negotiations. 

“We are now just 245 cubic yards, just 30 truckloads, of specialized concrete from reconnecting Seattle. My top priority remains ensuring this critical lifeline, not just for West Seattle residents and businesses, but our entire region is completed as soon as possible. Today, the finish line is in sight.  

I’m incredibly thankful to Teamsters Local 174 concrete mixer drivers who have returned on a limited basis to serve our community and ensure this critical project gets back on track.” 

Construction teams expect to be able to revisit the project schedule and share an update about the timing of the reopening after the pours are done and the work is inspected.  

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