Councilmember Herbold’s Reaction to Coup Attempt and National Capitol’s Violent Occupation

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Councilmember Lisa Herbold (District 1 – West Seattle), Chair of the Public Safety and Human Rights committee, issued the following statement in reaction to the pro-Trump mob storming the nation’s capitol:

“This is an attempted coup.  This cannot stand in the United States of America we loveOccupying the Capitol or threatening the lives of policy makers or people who do not support Donald Trump will not change the outcome of the presidential election.  Neither Donald Trump’s veiled threats nor his supporters’ force will be tolerated – especially when Democracy and the future of our great nation hangs in the balance.  

“This is not patriotism, this is tyranny.  Neither violence nor the threat to personal safety will be accepted as the norm. The work of those involved in a hostile takeover doesn’t represent the majority of American people.  And this terrorist coup attempt will not stand.  

“I appeal to Seattleites to stay calm and vigilant.  I anxiously wait for news of the safety of all of those involved.  I hope that all who serve our nation in Washington D.C. are safe and secure.

“I call on decision-makers at the highest levels of our country’s leadership to bring the certification of state presidential electoral votes to a swift and safe resolution.  Those who can must bring the illegal and terrifying occupation of our nation’s Capitol by these angry mobs to an immediate end and I hope that all are safe and protected in doing so.

“A peaceful transition is a core element of our democracy, and what’s best for our country, even if Donald Trump does not support it. The situation before us is horrible and dangerous, volatile and completely unnecessary.  Trump must stop lying about the outcome of this election; there was no fraud.  To tell people to go home while doubling down on these lies is a disingenuous effort to bring this breach to a close.  

“Multiple people have been harmed inside the Capitol building today.  Blood spilled today is blood on Donald Trump’s hands. This violent occupation of our Capitol – and attack on our American Democracy and values – must be ended immediately.”  

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